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VoIP Security

VoIP Security

Any business must be able to rely on secure communication and Xinix recognises this fact. Xinix provide cloud services that have many layers of security built into the system. There are multiple layers and many components of security in the services offered by Xinix. We have sophisticated methodologies and policies to service your architecture. We also have the ability to detect fraud and abuse of the service. In addition we offer a full service administration feature that can be controlled by the user.

User Service Administration

The cloud services on offer from Xinix automatically include settings that clients can use to manage their users and their PBX policies. Some of these settings include the addition or removal of extensions, the definition of user permissions, the management of user PIN’s, the management of international calls, allowance for making calls to specific international numbers and the blocking of incoming caller ID’s. Users can also access full call records at any time and they can delete or upload messages at will.

Application Security

You can rest assured that user PIN’s are stored in hashes that are extremely secure. Our application databases logically segment customer data.

Transmission Security

We encrypt web traffic by using SSLv3 / TLSv1.

Network and Infrastructure Security

The Xinix network and its perimeter application have awesome firewalls and session border controls to ensure security of the highest order. Anybody that requires administrative access will have to be authenticated through a sophisticated VPN gateway. Even then further authentication is necessary to gain access to local infrastructure systems. The server environment is restricted to authorised staff only. Then there are intrusion detection systems, the system logs, and even does fraud analysis. System and service-level monitoring are part of the operational monitoring processes. There are also frequent vulnerability scans and change management systems are in place.

Physical and Environmental Security

We are serious about security. We share our data centers with some of the largest internet companies and financial institutions in the world. An added safeguard is the fact that our data centers are geographically diverse. This minimises our (and your) risk of loss and the risk of service interruption due to acts of God, natural disasters and other catastrophes.

Fraud Mitigation

One of the outstanding services offered by Xinix is the multiple layers that make sure that fraud is detected. This service includes access control, usage throttling and detection controls. There are also customer controls that can be used to enable or disable international calls. It is even possible toapprove calling to certain international destinations only. The security department of Xinix does active monitoring of uncharacteristic calling patterns and they advise their customers accordingly.

Disaster Recovery

The architecture used by Xinix is supportive of fall overs in cases of extreme emergencies. We have geographically distributed redundancy because that is the way we designed our system. Therefore our primary and secondary backup systems will always remain in place. At the same time we will have a primary pod online and a secondary one on standby. In addition, our database replications between our different sites are actually real time; this means that the backup location will continue to provide service in case of a disaster. If one location is not available, another will immediately provide the necessary service.

Checklist for Protecting Your Service
  • Choose a strong PIN.
  • If you do not need it, disable your calling card feature.
  • Similarly, if you have no need for it, disable your international calling.
  • If you DO need international calling, restrict the destinations to only those employees that need this feature.
  • Restrict your long distance calling feature if there is no need for it.
  • Try not to give call-forwarding privileges to employees that do not need it.

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