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If you’re looking for a reliable home VoIP virtual landline provider, we can offer you one of the UK’s most trusted services. No need to compromise on quality, either. The capabilities of our virtual phone line PBX system have been developed over a decade, with our roadmap for the future incorporating even more improvements.

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    Our home virtual landline packages

    Save 3 months on annual

    Virtual Line Only
    Same rate day or night.

    £8inc vat
    £6 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £72 paid annually

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    What you get:

    • Free analogue to digital adapter
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • See our call rates
    • UK mobile 12p & landline 5p
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £20
    • Delivery charge £8

    500 Minutes included
    Landline and mobile

    £11 inc vat
    £9 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £108 paid annually

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    What you get:

    • Free analogue to digital adapter
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • Call abroad from just 5p/minute
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £20
    • Delivery charge £8
    Most Popular

    Unlimited Minutes
    Landline and mobile

    £12 inc vat
    £10 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £120 paid annually

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    What you get:

    • Free analogue to digital adapter
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • Call abroad from just 5p/minute
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £20
    • Delivery charge £8

    Call for a free consultation from our home VoIP virtual landline specialist.

    03333 055 888
    Anytime between 9:00AM - 5:30PM
    Monday to Friday

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      Xinix or its representatives will call or email you as requested to discuss your interest. Your data will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy which also sets out the rights you have in respect of your data.

      What is a Home VoIP Landline Services

      Landline VoIP phone services is the best way to make cost effective calls over the internet both within the UK and internationally. You dont need your traditional land line anymore, a residential VoIP service offers a range of free features

      • Voicemail
      • Call forwarding
      • Caller ID
      • Call history
      • Online billing and PBX management
      Can I keep my existing number ?

      Yes you can keep your existing home phone number, there is a small porting fee of £10 plus VAT. However most of our packages include free porting

      How long does number transfer take?

      Number transfer takes between 5-10 days max, and during this time there is a no loss of service.

      When I sign my contract with Xinix do I cancel my landline phone service with my current provider?

      No, you must keep your old landline phone services with your current provider, once we transfer your existing number your original landline services will automatically cease.

      I have just changed broadband to fibre and have lost my landline. I would like to know if it is possible to get my old number back for use with VOIP?

      We can get your number back within 30 days of it being disconnected

      Do I need an analogue telephone adapter

      The analogue telephone adaptor is for customers who wish to keep their analogue handsets, most of our home voip packages come with a free analogue telephone adapter, you simply plug the adapter to the router and plug your existing phones to the adapter, it will take a few seconds to boot up and you are ready to start making and receiving calls, simple!

      Can I block calls?

      Yes you can block calls on our portal.

      Can I dial emergency services 999 and 111 using VoIP?

      Yes you can dial emergency services using VoIP.

      Your package offers the adapter free, can I get a discount if I have my own adapter?

      I am afraid we dont offer any further discounts, our adapters come as a package deal, also we support and replace any equipment we provide.

      Does your contract automatically renew each year?

      Our contracts are 24 months, once the period ends we will write to you, advising if you wish to make an annual payment and continue with the savings, if you are not happy or we dont hear from you than the package is charged the monthly fee. There is no automatic renewal.

      Is there a web portal where i can see my missed calls?

      Yes we have fully featured online portal, you can see your missed calls along with many other things, you can watch some YouTube videos.

      Do you have a user manuel for your system?

      Yes we do, you can click here

      Setup Your ATA Adapter

      XINIX UK's number 1 home VoIP virtual landline provider

      Keep your virtual landline number, keep your existing handset, use our mobile app, and avoid upfront hardware costs.

      14 Days free trial - No obligation

      Popular Destinations

      Tariffs are indicated in £/min

      Hong Kong
      United Kingdom
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      Everything online

      Manage your home VoIP virtual landline and all its features online from your browser. Set up your family members, manage call forwarding, listen to voicemails, set day and night time rules and many more settings available to administer on the go.

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      Enjoy our services with 30 price gurantee

      We are confident with our virtual phone line services; we believe in our team and technology that’s why we offer a free 14-day free trial with a 30 days price guarantee. If you find another home VoIP virtual landline like-for-like deal cheaper than Xinix we will immediately lower our prices and credit the difference charged.

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      Five star service

      Our subscribers rate us as the number one home VoIP UK provider, this has been the result of our continuous efforts of being customer-centric. We don’t outsource, our team is dedicated and focused to deliver the very best.

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      Everything managed

      Bring all your virtual phone line requirements in one place and have us manage all your home VoIP needs for free.

      Have any questions?

      You can contact us in any convenient way

      03333 055 888

      Speak to an expert
      Call us for free

      [email protected]

      99% Of issues resolved in less than a hour


      Friendly, efficient chat operators are always on standby

      Full-featured Packages

      Call report

      Unified communications

      Low cost phone calls


      Call forwarding

      Group calling

      Call waiting

      Softphone with video

      Our Platform

      • Dashboard
      • Voicemail
      • Call History
      • Time Frames
      • Manage Your Phone
      • Webphone

      View all your virtual landline call activities, last calls, voicemails, connected devices and analytics


      Listen to all your voicemails, pause, rewind and save for future listening

      Call History

      60 Days call records stored, both incoming and outgoing

      Time Frames

      Set your day and night rules

      Manage Your Phone

      Manage your virtual landline devices from anywhere


      Make and receive calls from any digital device

      Benefits of Xinix home VoIP virtual landline features

      You can start using it now

      Setting up a VoIP account is as easy as pie. Just type in a few basic details and we’ll set you up automatically on our online portal. From there, you can play around with the basics without any costs!

      You can use your smartphone to get started

      Many home VoIP virtual landline users use their existing smartphones when they first start out. Just download one of the many (usually free) SIP clients to your device and you’re away.

      It’s not expensive

      Ready to begin? A home VoIP virtual landline phone service won’t break the bank. Much of our home VoIP features are free, add a couple of extensions, build a package, dial out from anywhere and have up to five family members on one home VoIP package.

      Any device can be a phone

      Prefer not to use a smartphone? Don’t worry: use a softphone on your laptop, desktop or tablet instead, most of which are also freely available. Of course, physical desktop handsets can also be used.

      On-network calls are free

      If you have multiple users on the same account, calls between extensions are free, wherever they are in the world. Other calls are inexpensive no matter how far away the recipient is.

      It behaves like a regular home phone line

      You will be pleased to know that a home VoIP virtual landline does all of the same things that a traditional phone system does, without all the maintenance and installation costs. We also provide ongoing development and upgrades.

      Ultimate freedom

      An internet phone service offers total flexibility and puts you in charge of adding or removing features at any time. This means you can try out new features or scale up and down as your business develops.

      Connect up-to 5 devices

      Up to five digital devices and 5 IP handsets can be connected to one home VoIP package.