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International charging categories listed as β€˜Special’ include non-geographic numbers in that country;
Xinix, however, does not guarantee to provide connection to all non-geographic numbers.
A connection fee may apply in some countries.

Cheap international calls

With advancements experienced by the telecommunications industry in the past decade, saying β€˜the world is getting smaller’ has never been more appropriate. Combined with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services from VoIP providers such as Xinix, it’s now cheaper than ever to stay connected to those located anywhere in the world.

Cheap international calls used to be little more than fantasy for those with friends, relatives, business contacts, and customers located in an array of worldwide locations. The cost implications of conducting regular conversations with overseas contacts were staggering, with telephony systems accruing bills running into the hundreds. For businesses, meanwhile, these costs could be far more expensive.

Today, however, VoIP providers such as Xinix can offer cheap international calls that will keep you connected for longer. By conducting calls over VoIP, voice data will be transmitted in packets over your broadband network, thereby eliminating the need for expensive telephone networks. This helps keeps costs down, and also reduces the need for expensive maintenance and phone line upgrades.

Call Destination BT Cost (per min) Xinix Cost (per min) Saving (%)
UK Landline 26p 1.5p 94%
UK Mobile 26p 3p 88%
USA 45p 1p 98%
India 30p 5p 97%
China 75p 4p 95%
South Africa 75p 2p 97%

Our cheap international calls really are affordable. Whether you’re looking to contact international landlines or mobile phones, prices can begin as low as 1p per minute. If you or your business regularly conducts international calls, the savings can work out to be substantial, enabling you to invest your time and money in other areas of the business.