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For many businesses, the thought of migrating from one telephone provider to another presents a number of concerns. While there can be substantial cost savings to be made, it’s not unusual to fear a number of difficulties and decide to stay with an existing provider. Aside from more technical issues relating to the installation and setup of new equipment, it can be common to fear losing the existing numbers associated with your company and having to build your reputation anew.

At Xinix, we’re pleased to offer a VoIP solution that not only presents you with the chance to save money on your business communications but which, thanks to number porting, will enable you to migrate to our product seamlessly while retaining your existing phone numbers.

Why switch to Xinix?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most cost-effective technologies in the telecommunications industry, and Xinix is proud to be a leading provider of the service. A switchover to VoIP means cheaper national and international costs, as well as comprehensive support and a number of call features that aid business operations.

How to switch?

The good news about switching to VoIP with Xinix is that it is simple and almost effortless. We’ll do all the hard work leaving you free to maintain your working operations while reaping the benefits of VoIP numbers, including:

  • Centralisation of reception call services and all customer and sales calls
  • All numbers managed on a single internet connection
  • Numbers available for any location in the UK and around the world
  • Increased capacity for inbound calls
  • Simplified accounting
  • Enhanced control over business communications

Our number porting service, meanwhile, enables you to specify those numbers you wish to keep and migrate to XINIXWORLD. The number porting process requires approximately two weeks for completion, but you should use the following estimates when looking to switch:

Number of Ports
Lead time Costs
Single number porting 10 Working days £20.00
10 Numbers or less 14 Working days £100.00
11 Numbers or more 22 Working days £200.00

Porting Form

Please note: all prices exclude VAT and that changes to the original order will incur an additional fee of £20. You will also be charged £20 for numbers that are ported but not used. Rejected ports are also chargeable at £20 per number.

For more details on the number porting service and VoIP products available from Xinix, contact our experienced and friendly team today. We’ll be happy to provide a competitive quote and answer any questions you may have.

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