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VoIP for Surgeries

Challenges of Practice Managers and how to overcome them.

In most healthcare environment, practice managers are often confronted with the following problems on a daily basis:

  • Patients couldn’t make it to the surgery, making their situation more life threatening;
  • High volumes of calls, which results in patients waiting longer in the queue;
  • Receptionists unable to handle high volume of calls
  • Patients calling for the same issues over and over again because they weren’t able to get sufficient information during their first call.
  • Patients not attending surgical appointments.

We understand how these problems can severely impact your business. To address such issues, we offer voice solutions that will streamline various processes and improve customer experience.

Improving Patient Access

We have over 10 years of experience in helping medical practitioners simplify their day-to-day operations, by giving them advice on determining the most suitable number of phone lines in their clinic, and how to utilise such phone lines to maximise results.

Improving Call Management

We understand that clinics have different phone line needs. We can install, design, and ensure that your phone systems are well-maintained. Call routing for instance, helps ensure that each call reaches the appropriate destination. This includes an application which can be used to log calls, which are very important for monitoring calls, and determine peak times and success in managing call traffics.

Automatic Appointment

The majority of calls are from patients wanting to schedule an appointment with the GP. However some patients do not show up to their scheduled checkups or treatments, disrupting the smooth flow of operations in the clinic. We can set up phone lines which allow patients to cancel or re-schedule their surgery appointments at any time of the day (even beyond office hours) using their telephones. This automatic appointment and booking method also benefits the practice managers, because their reception staff will no longer have to answer calls during real-time just to schedule an appointment, allowing them to invest more time on other tasks.

Call Recording

We provide call recording solutions for both incoming and outgoing calls. This feature ensures that all vital information is recorded and well documented. This is crucial, especially when patients submit complaints against your clinic. The recorded call will be able to tell you exactly what happened during the call.

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