Ethernet FAQs - XINIX

Ethernet FAQs

  • Question: Can I benefit from unlimited usage?
  • Question: Does Ethernet share infrastructure with broadband services?
  • Question: Can I resell the internet service you provide?
  • Question: How long does an installation take?
  • Question: What sort of service-level agreement (SLA) is there?
  • Question: Is there a bursting option?
  • Question: Is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) accessible to me?
  • Question: Will I get an email address?
  • Question: Do I require a firewall?
  • Question: Do I require a router?
  • Question: Do I get IP addresses? Aren’t they running out?
  • Question: Can I use this for VoIP?
  • Question: Why do burstable services slow down?
  • Question: Is this similar to a leased line?

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