Leased lines FAQs - XINIX

Leased lines FAQs

  • Question: What is a leased line?
  • Question: What are the speeds of a leased line?
  • Question: What are the other names for a leased line?
  • Question: What is the difference between copper and fibre?
  • Question: Wires only leased lines
  • Question: Point-to-point leased lines (P2P)
  • Question: Internet access leased lines
  • Question: MPLS leased lines
  • Question: Why buy a leased line over and above a Broadband (ADSL) line?
  • Question: What backup options are available with leased lines?
  • Question: Leased line availability
  • Question: Who are the leased line carriers that Xinix World uses?
  • Question: What are the leased lines installation lead-times?
  • Question: MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network) upgradeWhat type of connection should my firm get?
  • Question: What type of connection should my company get?
  • Question: Can anyone have a leased line?
  • Question: Is a leased line suitable for heavy bandwidth use?
  • Question: What size leased line would suit my business?

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