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VoIP For Healthcare

Healthcare VoIP Telephony Solution

Communication services are an important part of any healthcare organisation. The right applications and telephony solutions enable medical workers to respond to patients' needs quickly and efficiently. With Xinix, you can rest assured that the communication tools we provide have been specifically tailored to the healthcare industry.

Patient Care

Issue: Improve the level of service you offer patients through enhanced communications.
Solution: We'll help increase the productivity of your company by enabling you to answer all calls. Call Reporting and your own Personal Phone Manager included.


Issue: Communicate from anywhere including offices and homes efficiently.
Solution: We'll give you and your team the flexibility to work anywhere at any time without having to change telephone numbers.


Issue: Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.
Solution: Working from home will save trips to the office, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and protects the environment.

Cost savings

Issue: Bring the operational costs of your business down and improve processes across your organisation.
Solution: Packages include reduced call costs and site-to-site free calls, plus no capital outlay. With the ability to work from home, you'll also save on fuel costs.

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