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We understand that communication requirements differ according to business sector and company operations. That's why we offer a range of services that improve interaction between you and your clients, and can also provide employees with state-of-the-art tools, help empower IT managers, and aid in meeting telecommunications standards.

Thanks to our industry know-how, we are able to improve the communication architecture of businesses small and large, and will provide solutions that help drive your company forward.

You can find out more about the range of industry specific solutions available through us below, or by contacting our experienced team today.

Is VoIP service right for your business?

To know if VoIP service is the right solution for your business, simply answer the following questions:

  • Do you want to pay less for the calls that you make?
  • Do you want multiple employees and offices to be connected in a single network?
  • Do you want to centralise your telephony system and do you want to control cost centrally?
  • Would you prefer a communication system that is flexible?
  • Are you contemplating relocating?
  • Do you want 40 premimum pbx features for free?

Even a single “YES” to any of the questions above means that you are most certainly ready for migration to VoIP.

Xinix World offers the perfect VoIP solution for businesses that are growing!

The Voice over Internet Protocol solutions offered by Xinix World offer businesses of all sizes a great deal of flexibility when it comes to their communications systems. It also offers many additional features and a true cost effective overall solution. Our VoIP systems are easy to install and there are no expensive maintenance cost.

Simply put, VoIP is internet telephony. It means that voice traffic (telephone calls) is transmitted over a super-fast broadband connection, instead of traditional telephone lines. The quality of calls is, at the very least, equal to that of traditional lines and in many cases the quality is actually superior.

Retail Solutions

If it's a high-level of customer service you need, our retail solutions are ideal. We focus on multiple-site architecture and call auditing, thereby ensuring your customer care is second to none. Read more

Healthcare Solutions

Our tailored healthcare industry services are designed to make the most of the skills and services that already exist within your workforce.Read more

Recruitment Solutions

To meet the many communications challenges within the recruitment sector, our telephony services offer a robust telecommunications solution that keep up with demands and enhance the efficiency and affordability of your business. Read more

Logistics Solutions

If you work in logistics, you'll know that a resilient yet flexible communications solution is of paramount importance. With cost and efficiency key business requirements, Xinix World will provide all the tools necessary to complete your job professionally.

Legal Solutions

We understand that expectations are high within the legal industry. That's why we offer a comprehensive communications package to keep things running smoothly. Read more

Education Sector

We provide an array of VoIP services for schools, delivering high-quality solutions that are hassle-free to setup and maintain, and which will prove cost-effective in both the short and long term.Read more

Hotel Solution

It is paramount for hotels to provide he very best in telecommunications to maintain successful operations. This is why we are proud to offer a variety of VoIP services for hotels that can be implemented quickly and effectively, and help support your hotel in offering far much more than a warm welcome.Read more

Call Centre Solutions

To help your take organisation’s communications to the next level of efficiency and performance, the Call Centre PBX Edition from XINIXWORLD provides the ideal telephony solution.Read more

Why Xinix?

When you opt for a VoIP solution from Xinix World you will benefit from;

  • Free in-house calls
  • Savings on line rentals
  • Savings on calls up to 70% against BT
  • Online web management - making it easy for user management
  • Flexible phone system, increase or decrease users
  • Free maintenance

There are a number of different solutions that Xinix World can offer your business. They include Snom, Yealink, Grandstream and Gigaset. Each one of these systems offers a host of enhancing features that will make your system more functional and that will increase productivity. Features include free call recording on the net, office-to-office calls at no charge and even group pick-up call facilities.

Xinix World can help any business to select a range of features that will suit their individual needs. We have Quality of Service mechanisms in place to make sure that your migration to VoIP go smoothly and that your business is never interrupted. We can also provide you with solutions that provide clear data on the pricing of each user and you will not be required to spend time or any up-front capital expenses.

Find out more!

To find out more about the industry specific solutions we offer, or to discuss any bespoke requirements your company requires, simply call our advisors today free on 0800 5200 300


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