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The Rise of Microsoft Teams

As a world we have seen the use of remote conferencing software blows up almost exponentially as more people work from home more than ever before. With one of the big players in the industry reaping the rewards of this growth being that of Microsoft Teams. In the latter half of 2020, Microsoft had reported that their user base had risen over 50% since the start of the pandemic to over 115 million users worldwide.

The adoption of Microsoft Teams has been primarily to solve problems that arose when businesses worldwide were forced into a hard transition that required a majority of their workforce remotely working whilst at the same time trying to maintain the same level of collaboration. And Teams provided a perfect solution to many businesses to build the bridge between those working from home and those working from the office allowing them to communicate effectively.

Microsoft Teams + Xinix + You!

Microsoft Teams is in no way a complete solution. This is where you come in! Where Microsoft Teams ends, your unique services begin. When you partner with us, we can tailor a bespoke Teams solution that fits every specific need of your business. Allowing the solution to provide all of the outcomes that will benefit every area of your business and optimise collaboration between departments.

Our bespoke solutions allow you to easily and seamlessly integrate your existing services into the Teams platform to allow you and your teams to hit the ground running. As well as giving your employees and other end-users ease-of-access through an easy-to-use interface whilst at the same time allowing you to retain total oversight and end-to-end control. This perfect balance between usability and and abundance of features gives you the perfect foundations for being able to transition your business to adapt with the times.

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