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Take full control of all the processes from signing-up to invoice processing and receiving your invoice payments. activeBILLING is your turnkey telco invoicing & payment platform.

The Complete Tool for Effortless Management

activeBILLING is an all-inclusive telecom client portal, designed to work in combination with one or more telephony switches for activeSWITCH. Featuring a friendly user interface, activeBILLING ensures that you enjoy efficiency through automation of invoicing, billing and payments. Therefore, instead of spending precious hours dealing with running your company administration, you have more time on your hands to SELL and make more profits! Take advantage of exclusive features such as Unlimited Types of Accounts, Call Billed View and Call Spent and many more benefits!

Key Features

Account Details

Under the subsection, you will find many options like the choice to edit your account details, account information, create a new invoice, create new users, exercise credit control and activate payment facilities.


In case you are selling a product or services with a recurring price, you have to create packages, this will help when you create subscriptions. Each item included in the package will have a recurring price. Any add-on product's to these items may also have a recurring or one-time price.

Credit / Debit History

The user accounts may receive or get stripped of specific amounts of billable money. This money is then used for purchasing goods and services. The Credit or Debit history typically indicates the user’s monetary history regarding credit or debit.

Report Invoice, Payments and Other

In this section, different reports are produced to give important statistics to the management on the financial status over a certain duration, in relation to the invoices, expenditures and credit notes. All the billing information is shown in a graph which is presented in real time.

Acc. Managers Report

This section displays the lists of reports that break down all the sales made by the Account Manager over a given duration. There is also a filtering feature that enables you to get the specific information you need based on the date, currency/currencies, and even Account Manager. This report also enables you to produce month-based invoices and credit notes.

Multiple Currencies

Other than supporting an unlimited number of currencies, the system also allows you to add any currency of your choice. However, the system must have a β€œbase” currency that other currencies will derive their value from, with the help of the field value currency exchange rate.


A must-have solution for reliable and efficient CMS & Shopping Cart, CRM & Customer Ticketing, Turnkey Service Provider Business Billing, and so much more!

Carrier Services

We have numbers in 72 Countries

International coverage of local, national and toll-free virtual phone numbers, with services being delivered over Private or Public VoIP SIP Trunks, or through direct PSTN forwarding, with availability in 72 countries and 2897 area codes worldwide.

Carrier SIP

Our fully compliant and enterprise-grade cloud voice and messaging services will get you operational in major markets including US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. We have spent many years cultivating relationships with carriers across the globe and creating a world-spanning voice and media network to deliver carrier-grade quality and reliability.

A detailed list of activeBILLING’s features comparison

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Focus On Growth

Focus on expanding your business and leave all the monetary transactions to activeBILLING

Manage Clients Individually

Every client has their own account linked to all the payment transactions, ticketing and any other associated information.

No Room for Errors

Unlike manual invoice processing, activeBILLING makes sure that the no errors arise. No item will be left behind when invoicing through its subscription-based system of billing.

Listen to the Market

Ready for a big festive season sale? Take advantage of ActiveBILLING to craft promotions and discount deals for your customers without breaking a sweat.

Increase Customer Service Quality

activeBILLING ensures systematic management of client ticketing and job distribution to the appropriate staff

Generate Revenue 24/7

activeBILLING keeps running even when you are asleep. Its automated processes are available online all through enabling you to earn income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online Shop

For streamlined and efficient control of orders, activeBILLING also comes with the Web shopping cart and a CMS system on the same platform.


The seamless design of activeBILLING is not only meant for integration with activeSWITCH but also supports other soft switches from third parties.

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