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VoIP Implementation Project Plan


We at Xinix World understand how vital it is for your business to have the necessary communication equipment and services properly installed and functional when your business requires it, with less interruption to your regular business transactions. This is the main reason why we undertake to see to it that experienced and dedicated project management teams handle the installations and upgrades of your communication systems.

The 25-Point Plan

From our years of extensive experience, lessons learned from the field, and from the feedbacks of our existing clients, Xinix World project management team have come up with the 25-Point Plan. It provides and checks every stage of an upgrade or installation, to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our smooth and prompt completion of any project Xinix World undertakes for your business.

Our Checklist

Part of our 25-Point Plan is our essential checklist. It identifies everything from currently installed lines, cablings, phone numbers, data circuits, to WAN, LAN, remote access, and multi-location networking requirements.

Project Requirements

Our procedures ensure that a detailed turnover of information is furnished by Xinix World account and sales management teams, which determines the requirements when it comes to site surveys, programming conferences, voice over IP readiness tests, service management and customer exercises.


Being at the center of all the procedures undertaken, we always see to it that our clients are well informed of our preparations and progress, so you’ll have the peace of mind about your business telephony system and the ability to prepare your business transactions accordingly.


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