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QoS: High VoIP Voice Quality

Making Sure You Get the Best Quality Voice Service From Xinix World

XINIXWORLD Promises to deliver voice services that are both reliable and of a high quality. The overall quality of your call service is down to how your office networks are set up, your broadband speed and your router. In addition, XINIXWORLD manages your call quality by providing a variety of tools that can check your connection speed. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to set the QoS on different routers.

Factors that affect your call quality

When you make a VoIP (Voice over IP) call, your voice is actually broken up into many thousands of small data packets. Each of these little packets travels a different route through the internet to XINIXWORLD and, from there to their ultimate destination where they are put together again. There are numerous factors that can affect these packets on their travels and some of these factors can influence the quality of the call. The three most common factors are Packet Loss, Jitter and Latency.

Improving your QoS

When designing your network to accommodate voice calls you need to take several factors into consideration. It is important to remember that QoS routers will give voice calls priority over data traffic, especially large downloads.

Test your Bandwidth

A high quality internet connection will ensure that the quality of your voice calls is high. That is why we recommend a high speed DSL, fibre optic or cable connection. Your connection should also have dedicated bandwidth for both uploads and downloads. You need 90 Kbps or better for each of your voice calls.


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