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How to change your phone line provider

Why you shoud do it

In almost any industry, the days of being limited by choice are a thing of the past. No industry is this more apparent than in telecommunications. Companies large and small offer a host of packages encompassing everything from standalone services to bundled deals featuring phone, broadband, and digital television. With this rise in competition, the opportunity to make fantastic savings has never been more prevalent. But how do you go about changing phone line provider and securing the best deal? At XINIXWORLD, weโ€™ve compiled this simple guide to help identify the process in a manner that is easy to follow.

Making the switch

Once youโ€™ve selected the product and service that best suits you, the process of switching phone line provider can begin. The first step is often as easy as passing your phone number and postcode onto your new provider. This company will then liaise with your current service provider to confirm the date of transfer from old service to new.

Your rights

If you are concerned about potential service downtime, you should check with your new provider, who will be able to answer any questions you may have. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a suitable โ€˜cooling offโ€™ period, enabling you to change your mind about the switch if you so wish. In addition, itโ€™s important to check with the new company whether you will be responsible for any charges incurred during this period.

Entering a contract

Before putting pen to paper on any contract, it is essential that you closely inspect the small print to ensure youโ€™re fully aware of the precise terms and conditions and your own personal liabilities. For example, always check the duration of the contract, as well as information detailing the cancellation procedure and whether any penalty charges will be incurred if ending before the minimum period. Identifying every potential scenario in terms of cost is important whatever your situation, so always ensure you know exactly where you stand before signing any document.

Payment options

One of the most common reasons for switching phone line providers is the potential cost savings. In addition, a packaged deal may reduce administration by placing all itemised features into one individual bill. Whatever your reason for the switch, be sure to choose a new phone line provider which supports your preferred payment methods and which can deliver bills and statements as often as you wish. At XINIXWORLD, we believe that making the switch between phone line providers should be completely hassle-free. For more details, contact our customer services department today.


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