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As technology keeps advancing our reliance on mobile networks keeps on reducing. A data signal can be accessed almost everywhere that a mobile signal is available and for the better part of the day most of us tend to use Wi-Fi. The advancement of technology has reached a point where talking via the internet is almost talking as easy as talking through the phone’s mobile network. There are so many online messaging apps and VoIP-based calling apps. If you feel ready to make that switch, for its cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and efficiency, then here is a list of the best apps in the market for SIP and VoIP calls.

These features were already available for Apple users as apple was offering facetime, iMessage, group chat option, and a lot more. However, android users were getting neglected in this domain. With the help of android apps, now android users can also enjoy the same features.

1. GrooVe IP

groove ip

This app has been around for quite some time now and the developers seem to know exactly what the users are looking for. It is rather similar to Skype in that you have the chance to easily text and call people as much as you feel like provided, they also have the GrooVe IP app. However, you have to buy or earn credits if you want to make calls to telephone numbers. Every month, GrooVe IP offers you some free credits which isn’t the case with Skype. As long as your internet connectivity holds out, the call quality is decent enough. GrooVe Ip is a free app with ad support, and you can buy it at $6.99 to get the ad-free version.

2. Google Hangouts

google hangout interface

This is a chatting, video, and calls app which is usually pre-installed on most Android mobile devices. Primarily, Google Hangouts is promoted as a chatting service, but phone calls can be made, and you can take part in a video chat with any other user of the App. Since practically every Google user has a Hangouts account by default, convincing your family and friends to join this service is a bit easier when compared to other similar services. It works nicely and the quality of calls is generally great.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

This app’s message or call feature is not that good because it has been noted to drain the battery of your device rapidly. But then, since almost everyone owns a Facebook account, Facebook Messenger is easily accessible. If you are an already heavy Facebook user, this app is worth exploring since the text and call capabilities are good enough. It is a free app but calls can only be made to other users of the Facebook Messenger app.

4. Kakao Talk

kakaotalk app interface

Like Google Hangouts, this app is promoted as a chatting service and it happens to have a call feature. Over the years, it has garnered some popularity with its clean service, and it has more than 150 million users to date. Apart from the usual one-on-one call chats, with Kakao Talk, you can also have group(conference) calls. It also supports Android Wear, some voice filters if you want to make things a little more interesting. If you still have your Blackberry PIN, you can use it to add people.

5. MagicApp Calling and Messaging

MagicApp Calling and Messaging

MagicJack on PC was among the first big companies to provide SIP Trunk and VoIP calling services. They later launched the magicApp Calling and Messaging which works the same as the PC version. Just like most of the applications on this list, you can use the text and call features but then this also can allow you to text and call actual phone numbers and landlines, making it a very fine choice if you have limited texts or minutes on your phone plan. For just $9.99 annually, you can go premium to get a real phone number for yourself, unlimited calls to Canada and the US, unlimited texts to any United States phone number.

6. Skype

skype interface xinix

For a long time now, Skype has been a darling for most users searching for SIP and VoIP services. You can easily text, call, voice or video chat with any individual who has a Skype account. It nicely integrates with Facebook and signing up is made a lot easier if you have a Microsoft account. You can purchase credits that will enable you to call landlines and it has one of the best cross-platform supports. Voice and video calls can be done with up to 25 individuals while group chatting is possible with up to 300 people.

7. Signal Private Messenger

 Signal Private Messenger

This is an up-and-coming messaging service that claims to give priority to your privacy above anything else. Texting and calling can be done with all other Signal users as much as you want for free. However, it isn’t as feature-heavy as most apps in its range of services, but you can still engage in group messaging. Moreover, this app directly integrates with your current mobile phone number as well as the address book, making it quite efficient. It is also an open-source up with exceptionally high-security standards so if you are searching for something with extra security, perhaps this will suit you.

8. Viber

viber interface

This app has been in the SIP and VoIP business for years on Android and it is still among the best choices for making web-based phone calls. Since its earliest days, it has consistently evolved to a fully-fledged chatting service with phone and video call capability. It is loaded with features such as attaching files, public chats, and even deleting messages that you have already sent! It is quite easy to use and comes with cross-platform support. The best thing about Viber is the online stickers that you can find. It is famous among teenagers for its colourful and vibrant stickers.

9. WhatsApp

whatsapp interface

This app is a new entrant in the SIP and VoIP business, but it has shaken some substantial ground in that sector. It is one of the largest messaging applications in the world today and when it comes to active users it is a close rival of Google and Facebook. It is quite easy to use; you can text or call fellow WhatsApp users as much as you wish for free, but you can’t use it to call landlines. You can also avail WhatsApp business and connect it with your Facebook page or Instagram business account to handle your business-related queries. Right now, the biggest issue is that WhatsApp is handled by Facebook. Recent privacy scandals and cyberattack issues have landed the whole organisation in hot water.Meta is trying to make Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp better by adding multiple new features.

10.Zoiper IAX VoIP and SIP Softphone

Zoiper IAX VoIP and SIP Softphone

This is the most unique app on this list. It remains one of the few SIP and VoIP apps which only focus on voice calls. It consists of features such as Bluetooth and IAX support among a range of other protocols. If you are just looking for voice calls alone, this is one of your best choices, however, you can get video call support better audio and call transfer if you decide to go gold.


telegram interface

With Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp crashing every month, most are looking for a backup plan. The best possible solution is a telegram. With extreme privacy settings, this app is not just connected to your phone book, you can also search for someone through this app by simply searching the username. it is an excellent addition to the best VoIP apps for Android & iOS list, amidst the ongoing WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook privacy scandal and cyber-attacks every other day. Compared to other apps on this list, the telegram has much more to offer. The focus of this app is to provide group-specific features like sending files, messages, audio calls, and much more. It has colorful stickers, emoji, and GIF options as well. The best thing about telegram is that even if you join the group late, you will be able to access all the previous documents without any issue. With over 200,000 active users and still growing, it is expected the telegram will soon surpass other apps. It is ideal for students because they can share books, notes, lecture videos and you can also conduct researchers by using polls, conducting quizzes, and setting up bots as well. One of the major drawbacks of this app is that it can not be used for calling a landline.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, tech gurus claim that in upcoming years, people will switch completely to Android Apps for SIP and VoIP Calls, and we are seeing that happening. From the WhatsApp revolution to the conference meetings and virtual classrooms that we have today, we have come a long way. These apps provide more control with multiple customize options and better voice quality. Apart from this, these apps also offer conference and group messaging service that was previously not available for Android users before. With all these new features, these apps have become a favorite for people who want to work from home.

Let us know about any other SIP and VoIP apps that you think may be worth being on this list.

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