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Smartphones Will Not Support 2G and 3G by 2033

Technology urges us to catch up with the advancement otherwise we might fail. This is exactly what Yuval Noah Harari said in his famous book Homo Deus. He explained that without keeping up with technology, we might end up with a huge number of useless classes that will only support old rather conventional features of technology. They will prefer using the manual system much more than the advancement in technology and soon they will be replaced by machines.
The idea of “useless class” motivates the new capitalistic world to become, bigger, faster, cheaper, and better by using new technology and if that wasn’t enough, now change in our natural habitat is pushing us to change or traditional methods. Recent waves of the deadly pandemic have pushed us to shift from traditional business’ methods to online business methods. Things that were just a dream are now transforming into reality. Advanced 5G internet that was once referred to as useless is now becoming relevant.
Once introduced as an advanced feature that would mark a privilege check, 5G was expensive and businesses were not ready to use it. Only big tech giants were opting for 5G. However, 5G is now helping companies to make a shift that would help them to cut their workforce to around 50% and bring their overall operational cost to less than 40% of what they are currently spending. Keeping in mind the current demand of 5G, the UK is finally ready to let go of the 2G and 3G. sources revealed that by 2033, the UK will phase out the 2G and 3G technology from their phones. Although the final switch-off date is not yet confirmed, resources have confirmed that the government has finalized their terms with big telecommunication companies including, Vodafone, O2, Three, Virgin Media, and EE.
Last July EE, announced that they will be phasing out 3G by 2023 and since then many other companies have announced the same. Some telecommunication companies have even begun the say goodbye to 2G and 3G. according to culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, this groundbreaking shift will help the UK switch to a faster network. Nadine also said that 5G technology is responsible for revolutionizing the lives of people, their businesses, and much more across the UK. This is only possible with the help of faster mobile data that will enable businesses to become more productive. UK government is currently helping businesses by funding this shift. The government is also helping the telecommunication industry by breaking the monopoly. They are assisting the new suppliers by facilitating the new equipment makers to enter the market. Dorris said that the government has announced 50 million pounds that will only focus on improving mobile connectivity so far. It will also help the telecom networks to become safe and secure.
This shift of 5G is not just connected to better internet, it will soon affect mobile phones and all devices that use the internet. In July, Amazon announced that the older version of kindle will soon stop supporting the 3G and 2G. where currently telecommunication companies are expanding their 5G services, different companies within the telecommunication industry are now pushing them to speed up the process by launching new products that will only support 5G. customers with older versions of the same products will have to find a way to update their products if they want to benefit from the new technology and fast internet.
It is now up to the telecommunication companies to decide how soon they can start their 5G journey. However, companies are fast-tracking this process. EE also announced that they will be providing nationwide 5G service by 2028.
Where companies are trying hard to meet the 2033 deadline, experts like Matthew Howett, claim that 5G change would be implemented long before the 2033 deadline issued by the government. Customers who are slow to adjust might have to pay for their slow adapting. To make this shift seamless, the UK government is now acting on behalf of the consumers so they can make this shift swift and easy. Companies are also trying to find ways to involve consumers as stakeholders in this shift. Currently, they are looking forward to enabling handsets to carry their emergency calls via 2G so the risk of damage during an emergency can be minimized.

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