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When was the last time you had a detailed phone call without using the internet for business or personal use? BBC claims that currently, mobile phone calls are taking a nosedive, thanks to VoIP apps and online calling facilities. As a pioneer in the VoIP service, google voice is considered as an introduction to VoIP for every business setup. However, VoIP made the first breakthrough with the help of WhatsApp that introduced audio calls via the internet for the masses. According to an estimate more than one billion global customers use WhatsApp for audio calls only. This indicates the global shift from traditional phones to VoIP systems.

Google voice has proved to be a very effective and valuable introduction for VoIP and most businesses are switching from the traditional phone system. VoIP offers an amazing feature for business that makes it an ideal choice. However, with the growing VoIP business, google voice seems to have taken a back seat. Especially considering all the new updates and advancements that other VoIP-based brands offer. It seems that google voice that was once considered the best is now taking a nosedive. The main cause is that it is no longer the best business choice.

For running a business, you need something reliable, easy to use, support scalability, support the progress of the company, and help with growth. However, with google voice, you will see that it is not as user-friendly and doesn’t even support scalability as other VoIP services. For companies looking for google voice alternatives that can support their growth and scalability, there are so many possible options.


Why is Xinix Is the Best Alternative for Google Voice for Business?

At Xinix, our focus is to help small businesses grow to their maximum potential. Most businesses start small and as they start to grow their business, everything becomes extremely expensive. The traditional communication channels require the installment of cables which means spending more money on new cables, new hardware sets, and increasing the cost of maintenance. Xinix offers cloud-based VoIP solutions that require no hardware. A simple app would allow you to control everything on your smartphone, keeping you connected to your staff, team, clients, and manager.

To offer you a brief overview of the best alternatives to google voice, here are some of the best features that you can enjoy once you switch to Xinix.


Every business runs on a very thin line of balancing operational costs and generating profit. For cutting operational costs you cannot compromise on the quality of the service because this will affect performance and eventually profit generation. Xinix offers affordable communication without affecting your budget or service quality. We believe your win is our win which is the reason we offer something extra for our customers. We also tailor our services to complement your business model and budget so you can make the most out of your limited budget.


As the business grows and the trends change, business requirements also change. To keep up with the trends, you need to understand the use of these trends for your business and service providers that can help you stay updated. Xinix can be your partner in service by allowing you to take full advantage of incredible features that you might not be able to enjoy while using other brands. We offer different phone numbers and a phone system that will help you handle multiple calls simultaneously. With our software, you will be able to avail call queuing service and modular call routing that will help you stay always connected. Extremely agile and vigilant in service, we offer flexibility according to your business requirements. We believe every business is unique and to offer top-notch service you need help from advanced technology. Before offering our service, we explore your business model and offer something that will complement your business. From the number of calls you receive per day to the total staff number; we keep in mind everything and this is something that makes us stand out from the rest in the market. Even big brands like Google do not offer flexibility with features. They have only limited features that they offer everyone, in case your business needs something else, they need to contact someone else.



A true businessman always thinks about the future. Companies are now going all out with the use of advanced technology and business strategies that help them to minimize competition in all forms. With such a competitive business environment, if you want to grow, you do not have time to ignore trends. Right now, technology advancement is one of the most sought-after trends. In case your businesses have an overwhelming response, you cannot put your operations on hold just because you now want to improve your technology. Everything should go simultaneously; you must improve your service via learning and work on technological advancements. With google voice, you can not adjust to the growth of your business. Xinix offers you and your team to grow to your full potential without feeling restricted due to technology. Designed to comply with the needs of a growing business, Xinix adjusts with the demands of the department. The overall user-friendly interface allows new hires to learn it easily and management can easily manage the call routes without acquiring any help from a third party. At Xinix, we support our customers during their growth process and offer step-by-step guidance in case they want to scale their business and need some adjustment for VoIP.


When it comes to competing with a ginormous global brand like Google, most people become sceptical about other brands. However, you do not have to take our word for it, instead, look at the online presence and our customers. We have been in the VoIP industry for over a decade, offering tech services related to VoIP, telecommunication, and communication software. We take pride in our customer-centered approach which is the reason we have people who trust us with their business. With a five-star track record and exceptional service, our community is much stronger than any other in the service. We believe our customers are our family which is the reason we offer the finest products and services, and our satisfied customers appreciate our approach.

Customer Care

There is no doubt that Google is considered an unbeatable tech giant. However, big tech giants usually think more about innovation and offering something that makes them stand out. In case there is an emergency, or you need some guidance, you will feel stranded. Most people seek help through emails where they drop an email only to get a suitable response after a week. For personal needs, this might work but for business, this delay can cost you a lot especially if your operations are dependent on communication. In some cases, you will also receive an automated message which will only prolong the process. At Xinix, we offer an exceptional customer experience with personalized service. A dedicated customer support team works around the clock offering complete guidance and step-by-step directions for all tech-related issues. This helps management in resolving all kinds of issues in real-time offering top-notch service. This also helps the client to know that they can easily reach out for guidance which increases reliability.

Making Emergency Calls 

Google voice limits the user to only make one on one calls. This means that in case of emergency, seeking help via phone can be very challenging. While operating a business, emergency calls are very common, especially with so many people under one roof, anything can go wrong. Even if nothing goes wrong you still need to take precautions and stay ready for every possible situation. Contrary to the google voice that restricts emergency calls, Xinix allows emergency calls of all kinds. You need to provide your address, and this will allow you to make emergency phone calls from any number. While adjusting the operations of a company, these features come in handy because a first aid kit can only help you with basic injuries.  Although we hope you will never need it, however, as a part of safety infrastructure this is very important.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, VoIP is the future. At least that’s what you will keep reading online. However, the selection of the right VoIP service is very imperative. Most companies look for a budget-friendly option that can help them cut costs. However, minimizing the budget limit means relying on substandard service. With Xinix you will enjoy top-notch service with the best possible features. Where another brand charges a hefty installment fee, we offer a completely free installment. The monthly rates offered by Xinix are so far the best and there is no extra fee for maintenance. We believe your business deserves the best which is the reason we offer the perfect one-stop solution within your budget limit. Apart from customization, Xinix offers complete control over the system with no maintenance cost.

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