5 Best Messaging Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

5 Best Messaging Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

When was the last time you used an actual text to communicate with your family or friends? Most of us can not even remember. People now find it very weird when they receive SMS. Online messaging apps are now becoming an integral part of our daily lifestyle. We see something interesting our first instinct is to grab our phone, get a picture and send it to our group chat. We prefer short voice notes over long phone calls and texts over-long emails. Just a few years ago, companies were considering using online messaging apps as unprofessional.

Now most companies use a simple integration software or apps such as Sipdesk that allows their employees to stay always connected. The best part about these messaging apps is that they are very affordable. During the lockdown, people shifted to online messaging services for running small businesses from their homes. Some messaging apps are available in a lite version that consumes very little space and offers the same features, others are offered in the business version so you can enjoy extra features to run your business more effectively.

No doubt messaging apps are becoming an essential part of our daily interaction as well as business communication. However, the market is becoming more competitive than ever. There are so many new apps and people are even considering buying new messaging apps that can help them stay connected for business purposes.

What Is A Messaging App and Why You Need It?

Most people think that switching to a messaging app is a waste of time because you still have the same features when you send someone a text through your phone. Your traditional SMS features are very limited in fact, switching to android from iOS will confuse you even more. With the help of a messaging app, you no longer have to rely on your mobile network. Instead, you will need internet service. Most people prefer a messaging app over their regular text service because you can sync these apps across your devices. With so many devices, handling times increase. However, syncing the same app across your devices will ease the overall communication process and will bring down the response time. Messaging apps are very common, and they have been in business for a very long time. You do not even need a phone number for some messaging apps, and some are completely free.

Top Features That You Need in A Good Messaging App

With so many messaging apps in the market, you need to know about some of the features that will help you select the best messaging app that will suit your needs. Some of the must-have features that you need to keep an eye on before selecting a good messaging app for your personal use and your business include:

Device Syncing

Technology has increased our dependency on on-screen use. We have laptops for our work and then we have a cellphone for communication. Then we have our TV screens for entertainment and kindle for reading. All these screens make us confused when we switch from one device to another. Some messaging services offer a device syncing facility so you can easily use the same app and continue the same conversation without losing your data.

CRM Integration

You do not have to switch from a business number to a personal number because you can use the same device for all your business and personal needs. With the help of simple CRM integration, you can switch your tab and start personal communication, or you can continue group chat, etc.


With free apps, companies are now exploiting user data and selling them to businesses in exchange for profit. While selecting a good messaging app, you need to keep in mind security and make it your priority.

Communication Option

Just messaging is not enough, you need to have multiple communication options that can streamline your communication. You need a voice note feature, group chats feature along with file sharing, and voice email option as well.

Auto Response

Chatbots are becoming very common because businesses are trying to bring down the overall response time. You need a good messaging service for your business that offers you an auto-response feature or it can be integrated with a good chatbot.

5 Best Messaging Apps 

1. Xinix Sipdesk

xinix sipdesk mobile


Sipdesk is a relatively new but innovative addition to the online messaging app list. It is available in desktop version as well as mobile app version. Sipdesk has everything that a business can ever think about. It has easy CRM integration for windows, device sync, call forwarding, call recording, customization, and security options as well. Compared to all the other messaging apps on our list, you will find better premium features. It is an ideal app for your business needs because you can sync it with your office VoIP phone, or you can use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for receiving the phone call. The CRM integration facility is not available for any other messaging app yet, Sipdesk offers an integration facility. Apart from this, Sipdesk allows the users to enjoy some of the best features including Contact Popping, Contact Searching, Caller Preview, Activity Logging, Click to Dial.

Paid: Yes
Premium Features: Yes
Ease of Use:  Yes



whatsapp chat interface

One of the most famous messaging applications comes in two different variations i.e., business, and personal.  So far it is a top-rated app, and more than 88% of smartphone users use WhatsApp for their daily communication. It has more than 2.5 billion active users so far and the number is only growing. However occasional WhatsApp shutdowns and becoming part of security breached has damaged the reputation of WhatsApp. With multiple new features on the roll every few months, WhatsApp is trying very hard to retain its customer base. However, with WhatsApp, you might have to look for a backup as well.

Paid: No
Premium Features: limited
Ease of Use:  Occasional disconnection

3.Facebook messenger

facebook messenger chat interface

Facebook messenger is considered heaven for a small business struggling to find suitable customers. With the help of Facebook messenger, you can stay connected with your friends, family or run a business on your own. However, Facebook has landed under hot water because of the ongoing tug between high-tech businesses, constant data breach news, and changing dynamics of paid marketing. Currently, small businesses are relying on Facebook however, recent blackouts have convinced people to have a backup because relying on Facebook only might cost them their business.

Paid: No
Premium Features: limited
Ease of Use:  Occasional disconnection



skype messaging app

Our conversation without mentioning skype will be incomplete. As a darling in the industry and considered among a few of the pioneers, skype has always been considered an official method of communication. However, during a pandemic, zoom took over the business communication stream because of the limited features offered by skype. Although, it is a very simple and user-friendly method of communication, however, if you want to make a call to a landline number you need to buy some credit for your skype.

Paid: partially
Premium Features: No
Ease of Use:  Only used for audio and video chat


discord messaging app

Initially designed for gamers, discord evolved as the best hangout app for youngsters who want to always stay in touch with their friends’ group. However, discord is an app-only suitable for long group conversations. Students love discord because it allows them to enjoy detailed conversations about studies and other topics. For business conversations especially team-related tasks, this can be life-changing however, discord has very limited features and businesses usually do not like using discord.

Paid: No
Premium Features: limited
Ease of Use: No










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