WhatsApp New Features Will Offer You More Control Over Communication


WhatsApp New Features Will Offer You More Control Over Communication

Meta is trying to make Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp better by adding multiple new features. Currently, WhatsApp is offering a platform where anyone with an internet and a mobile number can contact anyone else globally. This opens a new avenue of opportunities for businesses and individuals, which is the unique selling point. Although, so many other applications have tried the same, yet no one has been as successful as WhatsApp so far. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also a favorite platform for intimate group chats, private chats, voice notes, audio, and video call. To make it safer for everyone, WhatsApp is updating and rolling out new features regularly.  Currently, WhatsApp has announced multiple new features that will be rolled out in the new beta version.

At present, WhatsApp is working on a new update that will add end-to-end encryption in calls and galleries as well. Right now, this encryption is only available on the chat. WhatsApp will roll out this encryption for both android and iOS users however, the final date of this feature is still unknown. End-to-end encryption ensures better and safer communication among both parties. This allows the user to have full control and guarantees that anyone else including meta or a third-party app will not be able to access WhatsApp data shared between two parties.

Apart from encryption updates, WhatsApp, the number one messaging service by meta will also be adding two other features. Including a preview of your voice note and delete message option for group admins.

whatsapp voice note preview

As a mediator, group admins ensure that they can maintain a good environment of the group. Previously due to limited authority and restricted features, the admin only had the right to add someone in the group, delete the group, block someone from the group or take full control of the group by making it a simple announcement group. However, if a participant sends a message in the group, the admin had no authority to delete the message. The only best option left for the admin was to either kick him out of the group or request him to delete the message. Now, with the help of the newly introduced WhatsApp feature, the admin will be able to delete the message sent by any participant in the group. This will help the admin of the group maintain discipline in the group. This feature will be helpful for informal group chats and official announcement groups.

Another very important features that will be rolled out soon include voice note preview. Right now, the user can only listen to the voice note after sending it to the other person. In most cases, people send wrong voice notes or empty voice notes. To resolve this problem altogether, WhatsApp is now introducing preview features that will allow the user to record and then listen to the voice note before sending it. This feature will significantly improve the user experience by allowing them to double-check before sending. Previously, there was an option of delete, which allows users to delete voice notes after sending. Currently, WhatsApp has reported that users are switching to disappear chats and it is now becoming one of the most popular features so far.

With the help of the disappearing chat feature, users can customize chats to disappear after a certain time. Presently, there are four different options including, 24 hours auto delete, 7 days auto delete, 90 days auto-delete, and off option. As WhatsApp is currently becoming more popular because of all updates, it seems that WhatsApp will be able to replace SIP and VoIP-based apps online as well.

At present, the WhatsApp Business app is being used by small businesses to stay in contact with their customers. Meta has been popular among small businesses because of its user-friendly and business-friendly features that help businesses to grow with a minimum communication budget. However, as the business starts to grow and get out of the start-up phase, making a switch to other communication software gets very difficult.

Nevertheless, if you are already using VoIP, you do not have to switch to any other communication software. VoIP has a flexible and adjustable communication base that helps small businesses to grow and reach their maximum potential. For better business handling WhatsApp business will not be enough, so you still need a good VoIP and SIP system for your business. You can explore the best VoIP packages here and know in detail about the working of VoIP.




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