Top 10 Benefits of VoIP And Why Switching to VoIP Is the Best Decision

Benefits of VoIP Are Good customer service makes a business successful. At least that’s what most studies predict. With so many brands offering similar products, good customer service makes a difference and elevates the image of the brand. As small brands grow, the interaction with customers individually becomes difficult. That’s where mass messaging and calling comes in. As the demands of customer service are increasing, more people are switching from traditional phones to VoIP phone systems. So far, VoIP has successfully fulfilled the needs of customers as well as businesses.

Switching to xinix VoIP Is the Best Decision

According to stats, by the end of 2021, more than 3 billion people will switch to VoIP. Apart from this, the VoIP industry is expected to grow and become a market of $90 billion by the end of 2024. So far, big businesses are focused on business communication, improving their customer experience, and developing a better strategy that can cut their cost. However, with the use of VoIP service, start-ups can improve their business experience and reduce their operational costs by up to 90%. For a small business, cutting the operational cost and still making a better profit, and offering good quality service is a win-win situation.

Best Benefits of VoIP

  • Lower costs.
  • Increased accessibility.
  • Complete portability.
  • Higher scalability.
  • Advanced features for small and large teams.
  • Clearer voice quality.
  • Supports multitasking.
  • More flexibility with softphones.


Now we Are Discus main Benefit Of VoIP Phone 

Give 10 Top Benefits of VoIP  and features 


  1. Affordability

From a business profit point of view, cost reduction is one of the most important needs of a business for maximizing profit. With VoIP, you will cut the installation price, maintenance price as well as cost of use. VoIP is so far the most affordable option because you only pay for what you use. There are no fixed charges, you can easily customize the package as well.

  • Remote Working

Remote Working with voip

Remote working is becoming a hot topic but without management software to ensure quality and ensure business communication. it becomes almost impossible to handle a remote team without taking help from a sturdy communication channel. For remote working, VoIP is the best option. The main reason is that it offers complete control over your team by minimizing any risk of mismanagement. It can easily be integrated with the management software especially CRM of the company so you will be able to track down the digital blueprints of the employees. In case you have a meeting, you can simply conduct a full team meeting with just one click without separately dialing any number.

  • Mobility

With the rise of global brands, handling work from one destination or sticking to your desk is no longer an option. Companies now allow remote working options so employees can enjoy their work from home option. In this case, sticking to the desk is not the option just because you want to ensure steady communication channels.  VoIP offers an easy mobility option, you can be in your car, shared workspace, home, office, or anywhere you want to be, and you will be able to receive a call. In case you are already attending a call, VoIP forwards the calls to the next free line, so you do not have to worry about the time.

  • Conference Call

As remote working is becoming more common. More and more companies are thinking of shifting to remote working because this helps them cut the operational cost. They will be able to save rent, electricity, maintenance, refreshment, and other costs. However, one on one audio calls and video calls are very easy but when it comes to conducting daily scrum meetings or full staff meetings, it gets very difficult to find a reliable solution. VoIP offers a complete solution for remote working teams. With VoIP, you can send voice notes, email, conduct audio calls, conference audio calls, conference video calls, and much more. Most companies working remotely, use conference calls for the announcement, setting a weekly goal, planning sprint and bug fix meetings. VoIP offers all these facilities and much more without any possible drawbacks.

  • Reliable

Most companies are still stuck with the traditional telephone system because they feel it is reliable. To some extent, it is true because telephone lines rarely get disturbed. However, the voice quality of the traditional phone is not the best and it is a small price that people must pay for a reliable option. With VoIP, you will be able to get the reliability that you need with a crystal-clear voice. in case the internet gets disconnected, you will also have a backup so that your calls and other updates can easily get through without any disturbance.

  • More Than Audio Calls

Traditionally, business communication is done through audio calls or written messages only. For both these communications, companies use two different channels. However, this only extends the call handling time and software management time impacting the overall productivity. With VoIP, you will have multiple options for communication. You can drop a voice note, a written message, email, audio call or have a video chat with your customers, peers, and employees without any distortion. VoIP is not like a traditional phone that offers only audio calls, it is much more than that and it offers better control as well.

  • No Maintenance Fees

When it comes to installing new technology, affordability is very important. Most companies avoid new technologies just because they are unable to afford them. Usually, people focus on the Installation fee and price of hardware only. However, with the time maintenance fee, billing becomes the biggest issue. With the help of hosted VoIP, you will be able to cut the maintenance cost to zero because the service providing company offers the maintenance. Another important thing is that the overall process of installing the VoIP is very easy so you can easily diagnose the issue in case of any emergency.

  • Easy Integration

Using multiple software at a time for a different kind of communication and later enlisting the numbers of clients with all their details to ensure a timely follow back is a very hectic process. In most cases, companies end up either skipping the detailed enlisting or need to hire a dedicated resource for this task only. With the help of easy integration, companies can facilitate their employees by allowing all software to be handled from the same platform. This allows easy one-click migration of the data, details, and contacts. Apart from this, the employee will be able to read through the history of the clients, the package he bought, the last complaint he registered, and the follow-up details as well. While offering guidance to the client, it gets difficult to open new emails, calls, or messages but VoIP allows the pop-up messages to help you get details without even opening the message.

  • Worldwide Representation

Globalization is enabling companies to be handled remotely. Companies are now recruiting remote teams from poor countries to handle their work. This helps them cut operational costs while benefiting from the best global talent. For customer care, globalization has played a very important role because it allows companies to offer 24/7 customer care facilities. Companies can also use international numbers to adjust and customize the brand image accordingly. For instant, tech companies are usually linked back to the Asian region because people in those regions have better logical mathematics abilities. Similarly, customer care is usually linked back to small countries with less labour pay, especially the Philippines, India, or Bangladesh. Customers usually like to buy tech gear from companies that are linked to Europe. This is mainly because tech gears are much more reliable and affordable in that region as compared to Asian countries. Similarly, companies customize their brand image according to the product or service that they offer. This can be done by buying international numbers that can be used as a contact detail for the product.

  • Improved Productivity

Company productivity is highly dependent on seamless communication. The easier it will be to communicate, the easier it will be for the employees to work. Imagine trying to figure out what platform to use just to reach out to your management for a file. With the help of VoIP, everything will be sorted using one platform. Another important benefit of VoIP is that it detects the busy line and forwards calls making sure your call handling time can be reduced to the minimum. The best thing about using VoIP is the blueprint tracking system that cuts the time used for reporting the work. As you move the task and submit the edited work, managers can check the timestamp and analyze the work that you have been doing. On the contrary, companies hire a resource just to track down the work speed and reporting details. With VoIP facility, the call handling time can be reduced, and this will eventually help with increasing productivity and reducing the operational cost.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, VoIP is the future of business communication. VoIP plays an imperative role in offering a completely virtual workplace solution for companies offering remote working facilities. With the help of VoIP, companies can ensure complete business communication with clients, customers, teams, and management. As a primary communication channel, most companies use multiple software so they can handle communication effectively. However, with time, productivity decreases because this only confuses. When an employee needs to communicate, he needs to think it through. Most companies have different communication channels for upward communication, downward communication, lateral communication, and external communication. For each type of communication, companies use completely different software. In case, there is a query the employee must think about the type of communication and then select the channel. VoIP offers a unified channel of communication that allows everyone to communicate with just one click.


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