Cloud-based PBX & its Top 5 Features Required for Organizational Growth

Communication is vital in every workplace, and it is more effective with the latest technology like VoIP. Due to the usage of PBX, organizational communication has become more convenient. Old times are over when a single message was delivered in person. Moreover, PBX eliminated the costly calling bills that would have been accumulated through traditional phone lines. As a whole, PBX is the most reliable phone system for companies as it allows seamless communication with the company.

PBX is a great advantage across industry and scale as it is easy to set up with minimal investment. Mainly, the virtual PBX utilizes VoIP technology to receive and send audio calls. In addition, it also helps in performing other critical calling functions. Cloud PBX performs its function through the internet, so it is easy to easily up due to no special hardware required in the business premises. So, it is important to understand the virtual PBX software and its importance in the business world.

Virtual PBX Software

The virtual PBX allows companies to improve and streamline the exchange of information with the latest tools. It is a cloud-based software devised to offer phone solutions to organizations. The new features provided through virtual PBX include customized greetings, business SMS, video conferencing, unlimited minutes, and other such features. In addition, virtual phone systems also provide outstanding tools like hotdesking, email-to-fax, CRM integration, call recording, and many more.

With effectual virtual PBX software, it is easy to manage call flows with automation. Furthermore, it also assists in accessing reports with a single click. It is simple to manage various virtual phone numbers in one place and increases customer satisfaction. The future is digital; hence it is a wise decision to institute a virtual phone system for your organization. Such a decision would decisively establish your company in the constantly evolving world of digital communication.

Top Features of Virtual PBX

If you are considering setting up the company with the latest phone systems’ technology, then consider these features while choosing a PBX system.


It is the most important tool to consider because it determines the level of stress eased for the employees, especially the receptionist. Receptionists have to deal with a large volume of calls daily, which can be easily handled with an auto-attendant tool. As a result, such a feature helps the receptionists to use their time for other duties. Therefore, the receptionist’s productivity and efficiency will increase on a significant level. The auto-attendant features assist in routing and re-routing callers to distribute them to the right place. It is completed by directing through a set of pre-arranged selections. It also indicates that fewer incoming calls need a live operator, so time and resources are saved and used to staff the department.

Unified Communication

Virtual PBX further helps in unifying communication. It is based on the integration of real-time and non-real-time communication services. Here, it is noteworthy that real-time communication includes software protocols and hardware that render real-time assurances. Under real-time communication, there is an instantaneous exchange of information amongst people on each side of the communication. Several examples of such communication entail desktop sharing, data sharing, call control, speech recognition, teleconferencing, robotic telepresence, voice and mobility features, presence notification, and other such tools. Whereas, non-real-time communication does not need people on each side. Here, the sender begins the communication, and the receiver does not have to immediately respond. Here, the examples include fax voicemail, email, text messaging, and other such features. As a result, virtual PBX software aids in unifying communication through advanced technology. Hence, it provides a constant and unified user interface across several devices.

Effective Call Controls

One of the major features to consider includes the virtual PBX’s ability to control calls. An appropriate virtual PBX can inspect and navigate all the business calls as per the organizational goals. Several of these call features involve recording, barging, whispering, and monitoring. It also offers features that make eavesdropping on a call without saying anything or participating. Such a feature is important as it helps in keeping a conversation on track. On the other hand, the recording tool lets one play over a call later when needed.  In addition, it also helps in leaving any meeting to work on other tasks and check the discussion later by listening to the recording.

Security Features

Company information and data are constantly at risk of being stolen by cyber attackers. Therefore, the virtual phone system needs a robust cloud security feature. Every company’s data and information are stored in a cloud but if it is protected by a software package then it minimizes uncensored stealing of information. As a result, the company feels secure and safe by investing in the latest phone system for the business. Most of the dominating virtual PBX software have voice encryption tools. So, it makes it difficult for cyber-crime to occur. In addition, this software also enables end-to-end encryption. In turn, this makes it tough for unwanted eavesdroppers to overhear any conversation. Most importantly, such encryption features render further tools that enable setting up conferences, enhancing password protection, and other such benefits.

Scalability & Mobility

Unlike traditional phones, the virtual PBX software automatically lets employees add contacts or extensions. In addition, it seamlessly links to mobile devices as per need. So, it is essential to choose a virtual PBX, which evolves as per the growth of the company. Such diverse tools can render significant benefits for the company. Furthermore, mobility is another important feature as it can be added to any mobile device or desktop. Such added feature encompasses the business’s network to remote employees without adding expansive hardware. Overall, the software can place and receive calls from workers utilizing the same they use while sitting at their desks. As a whole, a virtual PBX system is beneficial in various ways as it allows a business to have seamless communication from any remote location.

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