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Call Recording Feature and Its Importance for Sales Manager

Most customer representatives when hired are trained about the product and how they need to carry the conversation. It is mostly basic training that is left open-ended so that representatives can easily carry a conversation without feeling that they are being limited by the company. However, formal tone, greetings, and the selection of some common protocol titles are very important. It usually takes around 4 weeks to 3 months for the overall training, depending on the complexity of the service and the requirements of the department.

Learning is a constant process so once the sales representative starts handling work on his own, the supervisor must help him if he is not able to communicate the message properly. To monitor the progress and quality of the service, these calls are recorded. If you have ever called for customer service you might have heard a recording going in the loop claiming that “This call may be monitored and recorded for record-keeping, training, and quality assurance purposes”. After each new call or follow-up, the representative needs to have a retrospection session to see if his work was good enough or the conversation could have gone much better.

We are mainly going to highlight why recording calls is important and how sales managers can benefit from it. We will also see how it increases the win of the company and the representative as well.

Top 9 Reasons Call Recording Feature Is Good for Sales Manager


Easy Training for New Hiring

With new employees, it gets difficult to know how well they are doing. In some cases, new employees are only on the base level, they do not know what to say if the customer complains about the previous services. In this case, sales managers can look back at these recordings and see what information they can learn more. This also helps them to know if their communication style is appropriate or they need to tweak their tone.

Improving Productivity

A simple formula to make your business successful is to maintain a ratio where your operational cost is much less than your profit. Companies with service-based business models usually focus on the training of their employees. Each employee is asked to carry himself in a certain way because he is representing the image of the company. Sometimes, employees look for shortcuts and this affects the company and employees in the long run. This also affects the productivity of the service provider. In a business world where everyone stays connected via cloud-based phone, the role of customer service representative is very important. With the help of a recorded call log, you can see if your trained rep is following the designed pattern to portray the right image of the company.

Quality Assurance

One of the main reasons calls are recorded is because of quality assurance. In some cases, people complain about the behavior of the sales representative so the manager can easily track down who needs help and which rep needs to update the performance. Even in some companies’ calls are recorded so that all the reps can feel more conscious about their tone and the information that they are communicating.


In some cases, the representative doesn’t have enough information to guide the client. In that case, you need your supervisor for future reference and guidance. Most people take case studies in the form of recorded calls and direct them to their supervisor so they can explain how they can tackle a similar situation. Sometimes supervisors also use recorded phone calls for future references and best practices to help people know how to handle the client in this case.

Call Review

Call review takes place when there is a specific complaint that turns into some unfavorable argument between the customer representative and the client. In this case, a supervisor can listen to the call and act as a mediator. In most cases, clients file a complaint in court, and these recordings are used as evidence as well.

Retrieval of The Old Missing Information

Service-based companies that offer home deliveries, health-related services, or handle emergencies use recorded calls for the retrieval of missing information. In emergencies where the representee takes the history of the patient or the location of the accident, it is very important to list everything down because based on this information your team will formulate the reaction. In handling emergency calls, remembering the complete information of the caller is very difficult. A simple way to retrieve the information is to simply listen to the recorded calls.


In some cases, the marketing team needs testimonials so they can publish them and bring more people on board. In that case, you can reach out to the customers and ask for their feedback. Testimonials are a great way to bring customers on board and prove your reliability. Most companies add a simple clause of agreement in their introduction so they can use it later as a part of their testimonials. These testimonials are added in videos as well as listed on websites and social media for marketing purposes.

Improve in Service

In bigger companies where there are so many departments and each department has a very specific function, it gets very difficult to track the progress. In most cases, the calls are monitored to know which department is getting the most complaints. If there is some issue with the product technically, they can improve the technical department or if retail is the issue, they can contact them. They can detect the main hurdles within the sales and plan something for removing those hurdles.

Helps with Sales Strategy

In most cases, the service representative must follow the script. With that script, you will have a simple company introduction, greeting, and the introduction of the sales representative. Apart from this, some companies follow very strict guidelines that are taught to all the employees. In some cases, these scripts do not bring desired outcomes. To address this issue, copywriters are asked to tweak the scripts so that sales strategies can be changed for better progress.


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