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Growing Trend of Unified Communications

The global unified communication market is forecasted to grow up to $167.1 billion by 2025. Such fast-tracking growth is motivated by the altering dynamics of the workforce, the continuous virtualization of companies, and an upsurge of unified communications-as-a-service implementations. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are embracing the conditions of remote working around the globe. Furthermore, Unified Communications-as-a-Service is also changing the communication process. For instance, the communication between companies and their customers as well as internal communication. As a result, it highlights the need for reliable and unified communications.

Business VoIP Integration & Unified Communications

Business VoIP Integration & Unified Communications

Unified communication is the skill of merging every communication strategy in alignment with business VoIP. It assists businesses in approaching various methods of business communications at the same time. However, the unified communication is continuously developing and growing. The main reasons for such growth include the reliable user experience and unified user interface through various media types and devices. It renders the employees complete access to the security and tools of the company regardless of device or location. The unified platforms work well with the business VoIP as it entails many features, for instance:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Call recording and voicemail
  • File and screen sharing
  • Monitoring of both employees and quality

Although there is not a single one-size-fits-everything solution, so the unified communications platforms and business VoIP vary for every business. Hence, it is essential to distinguish between the Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and on-premises unified communication components. Also, it refers to organizations buying the unified communication technology supplied as a service over the cloud.

Increased Demand for Unified Communications

The amalgamation of channels of cloud communication into a single service is known as the UCaaS. Such services generally leverage business VoIP as fundamental technology but render a lot more than mere voice calls. Further features can be hustled into one service platform and can also contain the tools of video and web conferencing, instant messaging, faxing, and team collaboration.

Advantages of Using Unified Communications-as-a-Service

Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and business VoIP have many advantages, but the time and cost-saving is the most substantial benefit. UCaaS is beneficial in its ongoing operation and while setting up the networks of communication. Hence, there is no need to buy and install independent audio and video equipment, voice solutions, and instant messaging software.

Maintenance fees, costs of calls, and upgrades are smaller owing to the ability to utilize prevailing hardware like no expensive PBX to keep updated. Additionally, business VoIP and UCaaS are cloud-based, so users have accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Likewise, Xinix offers an all-inclusive collection of business VoIP and unified communications’ set of features and services to clients. With the unified communications platform, Xinix provides unparalleled revenue, ease of use, and customization. As a result, Xinix offers business VoIP service and unified communications service that improve call quality and render a cost-effective communication solution.

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