Top Features to Consider while Choosing the Call Center Dialer System

features of call center dialer system

A rising number of businesses are introducing their contact centers instead of outsourcing the business needs to other contact centers. Majorly, it is due to the decreased cost of cloud-based software solutions, auto-dialer solutions, and the respective subscription model. The main auto dialer streamlines the outreach practices of a business. In addition, it also guarantees the fulfillment of regulations about cold-calling. As a whole, manual dialing is a thing of the old times. Nowadays, the success of a call center is highly dependent on auto-dialing to warrant that the sales team and agents are amplifying contact time and connection with their consumers.

Auto Dialer

Overall, an auto-dialer is software, which is used for automatic dials telephone numbers for employees. While answering the call, the auto-dialer connects the call to a live representative. The auto-dialing enhances the efficiency as it allows the employees to successively dial through an established at a rapid scale. Here, the auto dialers do this while employees work on various more elements of the call. Furthermore, it also enables them to screen out negative call results and voicemails, no answers, and busy signals. They also better manage a huge scale of outbound campaigns that need a large number of calls. Auto dialers are spread out to current customers for sending out appointment reminders or cold calling.

Such a utility further helps in opening a call center without having a proficient auto dialer to aid the employees with outbound efforts. It is essential to find an auto dialer that offers a wide range of tools and functionality. Furthermore, it helps the employees to convert and improve the customer experience in an effective manner. In the past, auto-dialers were forced by some severe hardware necessities. Today, companies have the option of both software or hardware auto dialers. It aids in automating outbound calling, which shifts toward cloud-based call center software dialers. Most of the call dialers system phone providers offer call center technology in their cloud solutions. Such software is practical on desktops through softphones, software, or on mobile devices.

Main Features of Top Auto Dialers

Main Features of Top Auto Dialers

Every company looks for a solution that fulfils its business needs. In addition, the company also has to find software with particular features that increases the employees’ performance and help the management meet essential KPIs. For instance, it includes customer satisfaction, occupancy rate, reduced after-call work time, and handle time. Furthermore, some of the features offered by the top auto dialer services should entail the following:

CRM Software Integration

The CRM software renders the employees an impression of what transpired during the preceding outbound calls and further tracks special offers or account status. In addition, the agent chooses a reason after the call ends and the data gets synced in the customer relationship management (CRM). Additionally, it works with inbound calls so the software matches the dial-in information with the present CRM contact. As a result, the employees attain important data beyond the general caller ID.

Furthermore, the CRMs also let the call data be gathered for subsequent analysis. It can also work and function as per the company’s needs. Hence, the CRMs record every information garnered from a call, so the data can be analyzed later.

Voicemail Detection & Pre-Recording

Auto Dialers enhance call volume as they just link employees with live respondents. It is better with an answering machine or voicemail as the system leaves an automated pre-corded voicemail. As a result, it helps the employees to attain a high rate of occupancy and maintains productivity. Particular technologies further stop the employees from wasting the time over unanswered calls. For instance, it includes answering machine detection (AMD) and it helps in deciding if an answering machine is used. Such technologies also utilize machine learning to identify common voicemail expressions. Overall, such systems are extremely useful while making outbound calls during the daytime. It is the period with a high number of voicemail call outcomes.

Dialling Modes

Auto dialers enhance the effectiveness and productivity of outbound and inbound call centre surroundings by systematizing the manual dial process. However, there are three modes of dialers, such as predictive dialers, power dialers, and progressive dialers. The progressive dialers enable the employees with context about the call by adding the marketing automation software and ID information of the caller. Whereas, the power dialers are powered through the calling list at a consistent pace. Lastly, the predictive dialers utilize machine learning to find the employees’ availability for a call. As a whole, this feature helps call management as per the business needs.

Benefits of a Hosted Dialer

Benefits of a Hosted Dialer

To begin with, a dialer is an automated system that places calls to consumers from a blended call center or outbound call center. The main objective here is to decrease the cost of placing calls by eliminating various error-prone and repetitive work. In addition, dialers also enhance proficiency by linking employees straight to customers as they get free. Automated dialing entails that call centre employees do not waste time tangibly entering phone numbers. As a result, the employees can spend more time dealing with customers. Likewise, the main advantages of a hosted dialer are rendered below.

Cost Reduction

Outdated in-house dialers are expensive to apply, uphold, and support, both at the original set-up phase and throughout the lifespan. In addition, it necessitates an infrastructure that entails PBX set-up, multiple landlines, and expensive hardware. Such a dialer also eradicates and removes these costs and the hassle of establishing it by using the current network through the cloud. Hence, the company only has to pay for system set-up and its maintenance through an established provider. As a result, it is cheap to implement at the beginning and the company does not have to pay for upgrades or maintenance. It is a scalable solution that allows the company to remove or add users regarding the business needs. Hence, changes can be done instantly and issues can be easily investigated and dealt with on a remote basis.

Boost Employee Efficiency

The auto dialers also eradicate and abolish repetitive tasks by declining the amount of time utilized looking up numbers, dialing them, and waiting for calls to connect. Although, these tasks only take a little amount of time, throughout the day. But the result and lead to hours of lost productivity. In addition, it helps easy access and automatic dialing of numbers. So, the agents aim at the conversion of the leads and deliver an exceptional sales pitch. It is also supported by a study, where the dialers are found to be helpful to businesses in regards to increasing their hourly efficiency at a great level. It also allows the employees to better manage the calls, so the agents can easily switch between outbound and inbound calls based on call volumes using an ACD system for greatest efficacy.

Customer Experience

There is a consistent high need to offer a great sales experience to the customers. It can be tiresome to deal with an unexpected sales call and such calls are less likely to transform into physical opportunities. Dialers use algorithms, so they assist the employees to place calls at convenient times for prospects or clients instead of being a nuisance by trying to reach them all day. As a result, such a feature boosts sales by evading inconvenient periods. Hence, it drives customer loyalty as the sales pitch offers a greater and more personalized experience. On the other hand, this feature leads to an increase in sales as it seamlessly connects the employees with customers. For instance, automated processes, call recording, call logging, and call-back rules saves the valuable time of employees. It allows them to aim at pursuing leads and closing sales in an efficient manner.

Lead Management & CRM Integration

The management of customers, leads, and prospects is easy with a call center dialer system. Most of the top dialers provide seamless CRM integration, so the company can attain all customer details, such as call recording, call records, and notes added by the employees. These details are directly sent to the chosen CRM platform. It allows the company to streamline its processes, eliminate duplications, decrease admin times, and efficiently manage the respective leads. As a result, it makes it easy for the employees to transform opportunities into customers.


As a whole, the call center dialer systems organize sales data, lead data, contact information, and customer history in a single place. In addition, the software regulates the prime call times and determines the do-not-call numbers, answering machines, or fax lines to offer direct access to the sturdiest leads at ideal times. As a result, it is the best solution as it offers all of the above benefits. In addition, it also assists in producing significantly improved efficiency, offers flexibility, and produces better margins.

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