Customer Service Experience Can Be Improved Via Virtual Call Centers?


Remote working is becoming a trend as businesses are struggling to flourish during the pandemic. Most businesses have suffered but if we rank the service department especially the online service department, we will notice a spike. With everyone sitting at home, people are opting for online shopping and to run any online outlet you need customer service. Similarly, health departments and health emergency services also need the help of customer service. As the need for call center representatives increases, pandemic safety protocols pushed management to shift the call centers from on-site facilities to virtual systems. Drastic, extreme yet effective, virtual call centers are now becoming the new normal.

With the change in the work environment and increase in the virtual call centers, call center solution-based companies introduced new features. These features mainly focus on making data migration easy and minimizing handling time. To help the new employees learn faster, these simple management systems have a very effective note-taking method. The best thing about the virtual call center solution is that it has triggered a new wave of technological advancement. These advancements are helping the tech industry and changing the consumers’ experience as well. During the pandemic especially when unemployment was on the rise, the customer service business was booming.

Now that, the race of bigger businesses is becoming a hot topic, it is very important to address the changes that are behind these bigger businesses. Apart from this, it is important to know about the tools that are specifically helping the customer service department and transforming the consumer experience. As someone working for the service department, here are six tools that you need for making the seamless transformation from on-site to remote working.

Automotive Predictive Dialer

Being a customer service representative around 40% of the time will be spent on cold calling and responding to the calls. To reduce the handling time, you need a simple predictive dialer that will help you save time and effort. With a predictive dialer, you will dial automatically from the list and your dialer will predict if it is suitable to call a number. In case the number has a busy signal, switched off, or sent straight to voicemail, your dialer will automatically call another number. An automotive predictive dialer can reduce the workload of the representative and help him get rid of monotonous and repetitive work.

One-Stop Integration for All Tools

While working from home, a lot is going on in the background. If you work with multiple tools at the same time, this will increase handling time and effort. Now with the help of tools integration, you will have everything in one place. Your outbound calls data, inbound calls data, after-sales support data, follow-up numbers along with invoice list, etc. will be available within the same software. When the handling time reduces, customers feel more relaxed because they do not have to mention their details or ask for a quick response. This eventually helps with improving the consumer experience with virtual call centers.

Call Monitoring

While working in an onsite facility, the supervisor is sure that everyone is working. On the contrary, remote working doesn’t allow you to micromanage. This can be sorted simply by call monitoring tools that are generally available in VoIP services. With the help of call recording, the supervisor can easily ensure the quality of the call and communication skills. In case, the representative needs some quick response or needs some information, there is a feature of whisper coaching as well. Within these monitoring features, there is an added feature of reporting and tracking blueprints as well.

One-Click Reports Making

Reporting helps the company and department in allocating resources and budget in a better way. Apart from this, it takes a lot of time to make a detailed list of new customers and follow-up calls. With the help of one-click reporting, you will be able to list down all the analytics. From new customers to the follow-up and complain section everything will be sorted within a few seconds. This helps in reducing the overall work time and increasing productivity.

Analytical Overview

For marketing, you need to keep an eye on the KPIs and the analytical overview. Usually, the marketing team must wait by the end of the week or day to acquire the KPI list that is manually made by the supervisor. However, with digital marketing on the boom, trends are changing by the minute and it is very important to follow the trends for better output. With integration, the dashboard allows real-time analytics that will help you peek into the daily and hourly progress. With the help of this data, the marketing team can tweak their strategy and acquire better results.

Automatic Call Greeting System

Most companies follow a very formal greeting system with a very general introduction of the company and the related department. After the customer provides detail about the information he wants to acquire, the agent simply forwards the call to the relevant department. This process takes a long time, and the consumer must provide the details and the case study again to the relevant department. With the help of an automatic greeting system or IVR, the consumer can select the department right away. This will save time and energy for the consumer and it will also help the company to avoid the exhaustion of their resource.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, technology is catching up and resolving issues now. As the complexities are increasing because more companies are switching to remote working, it is now becoming the need of the hour to cut down the resources by using automation-based tools. These tools are not only helping more companies to switch from on-site facilities to virtual call centers they are also helping businesses to improve the customer’s experience. Overall, it has been noticed that these tools are so far very effective and they are helping in reducing the call handling time as well as improving the overall services.

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