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What is Vicidial?

Vicidial is a dialler in which: agents log in, managers load some leads into it and then it makes calls to the leads so that the agents can communicate with them. When a phone call is picked up, Vicidial indicates the details of the lead (e.g. name and address) in a web browser and the call is connected to the agent who can see the lead’s information. Everything that takes place is recorded and this data becomes a useful tool to managers for statistical purposes, to keep up with what happened with leads and most importantly increase the productivity of the call centre.

Who Makes Vicidial?

Vicidial was developed in the United States by Matt Florell and its maintenance is carried out by the Vicidial group. It has been vastly adopted globally and it is under constant development. There is a highly active forum available which provides numerous pieces of advice and there are several companies globally (including us) who provide the essential support and hardware for the successful running of a Vicidial installation.

How Does Vicidial Work?

Vicidial offers an administrative interface for managers so that they can set up the way it dials, manage the loaded leads in lists and then it dials the loaded leads with respect to the amount of agents available and it has logged in. Vicidial is also capable of dialling leads in advance of agents becoming free to receive a call. This is referred to as predictive dialling and it is the source of the gains in productivity that occur when utilising a dialler.

How Much Does Vicidial Cost?

It will not cost you anything because it is based on a number of open-source technologies such as PHP, Pearl, Apache, Opensuse Linux, MariaDB and Asterisk, therefore, it is quite sensible that it is available as a free release. Any person can download and install it without incurring any cost, with the assumption that you have substantial Asterisk and Linux skills. If anyone charges you for Vicidial software, then you have been scammed! For that reason, you must be very cautious of anybody who charges you by the agent.

Main Features

Predictive Dialling

In the predictive dialling mode, Vicidial functions when there is the probability that the agents are free and begins dialling a lead in readiness for the agent to receive the call once their current one becomes available. Vicidial also has the capability of dialling multiple leads simultaneously to reduce the amount of time that agents take in between calls. Both of these functions result to an increase the in the ‘talk time’ of the agents since talk time translates to selling time.

List Management

Vicidial lets a manager dial multiple lists simultaneously so as to keep the agents taking on the phone as much as they can. Addition and removal of lists from the campaign can be done in real time and reports are provided to enable the manager to make smart decisions about the lists that work and the ones that don’t work well enough. The manager of the dialler is then able to make a selection of the best data and acquire some more.

Agent Priorities

Obviously, not all the agents are equally created the same, therefore, you may not prefer sending your best leads to one your weakest agents. To solve this, Vicidial enables you to categorize you agents by priority. For instance, you can ensure that incoming calls (typically calls with the highest conversions) are redirected to the agents that have the most exemplary performance so as to maximize the sales. The reports can be used to identify the agents that should be given priority.

Multiple Campaigns

With, VIcidial, you aren’t limited to just one campaign, you can operate as many as you wish. It lets you use agents that have lesser skills to create leads for better-performing agents by making use of the frontier/closer technique. This can be tremendously useful to you have a product that is rather difficult to sell and needs a closer to seal the deal. It works remarkably well straight out of the box

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