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Real Time Reports With ‘Click To Listen’ For Monitoring Agent Phone Calls In VICIdial

In businesses where the lead generation and the success of the business can only be measured the number of calls. It becomes very important to keep track of the incoming calls along with the number of calls you received per day. To make sure that you are keeping track, most companies hire a dedicated resource who keeps counting the calls but tracking the calls during rush hours along with how many calls have you received on average gets difficult to track. Apart from the average number of calls, you can not listen to the details to see what kind of calls you have been receiving. You can not track if the calls are completely new, or you have been receiving follow-ups and complaints all day. In short, the overall report monitoring gets challenging.

With all these limitations, most people get very frustrated because they feel they have been receiving so many inquiries and queries, but they have not been generating any business through these queries. These confusions can be fatal for the business. This is because some business models are greatly dependent on these reports. These reports help them to gain details about their business so they can target the audience and promote the services that will bring you more money.

Now with the help of VICIdial, reporting making, and progress sharing became very easy. With just one click, you can generate a detailed report that addresses the unique calls along with the repeated calls and even the average time when you will be receiving calls.

Managers and supervisors can access instantaneous reports that indicate the agents’ status and the calls in the system. These reports also indicate the sum of unique calls so far for the day for disposition status of the agent such as DNCs or SALES. You are also allowed to restrict what is visible on the instantaneous reports to only be a single group of users or a single campaign.

As a supervisor you are allowed to select and listen to the conversation of an agent, whisper only to a specific agent or barge into the conversation of you wish. Supervisors can also change the incoming lines that have been assigned to an agent in real-time from the instantaneous(real-time) reports.

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