How 0800 numbers can help you make your business profitable

0800 numbers or non-geographical numbers have been around for decades. Once used by only multinational companies with hefty communication budgets, these numbers are now available for small businesses as start-ups as well. Technology has offered a level playing field for new businesses. International companies operating across Europe, the US, and beyond are using 0800 numbers for responding to their customer service line.

The business world is now taking full advantage of advantaged technology and they are looking beyond barriers and borders. Small businesses are finding ways to craft an internal image so they can lure more customers. For crafting an international image, you need contact details that will help portray a global image. 0800 numbers are non-geographical numbers that can help you customize an international image for your company.

Why It Is A Golden Time For 0800 Numbers?

As businesses are moving online and the need for face-to-face communication is decreasing, people are now shifting to online video conferences. This is the removal of one-on-one human connection is further amplifying the need for telephone-based communication. Every day, thousands of customers are connected, orders and booked, evaluation meetings are conducted through these international numbers. Running an international company means your main priority is to offer seamless communication so your customers find it easier to contact you rather than a local supplier.

To make this possible, you need a suitable prefix that can help you offer a seamless communication channel. In the world of business, people have their personal biases towards some countries and geographical locations. Non-geographical numbers help customers to focus on the service or quality of the product rather than obsessing over the location of the company.

0800 numbers have been in the market for a few decades now. However, most people are not familiar with the benefits and overall importance of these numbers. With the help of this article, we will answer some of the most important questions linked with 0800 numbers.

What Are 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are commonly known as non-geographical phone numbers. These are toll-free numbers that allow the caller to call for free while the receiver must pay the charges. Before 0800 numbers were used by businesses, customers used to book calls through operators, and money was paid by the company receiving the call. 0800 numbers were introduced by BT in 1985 and were known as “linkline” and “Freefone”.

Apart from 0800 being used as a prefix for these numbers BT also launched other prefixes like 0321, 050, and 0958. Most companies would simply buy these numbers and use them as a free-to-call virtual phone number service within the UK. Later by the end of the 1980s, British telecom service was mainly using 0800 numbers for direct dial freephone however the rest of the prefixes including 0500, 0958, and 0321 were mainly used by the phone companies. By 2015, 0808 and 0800 numbers were both available as free to call from mobiles and landlines.

How do 0800 Numbers Work?

0800 numbers are non-geographical, this means you cannot link them to a specific region. You do not have to pay anything extra for these numbers if you are calling your local customers. Apart from this, you can easily redirect the call to any mobile or landline number. Businesses that do not have a physical existence can rely on these non-geographical numbers and you can easily redirect them to your mobile. In case, you shift your office, you do not have to change your marketing or contact details.

Why 0800 Numbers Are Used?

Most beginners in the business industry sometimes get confused about the need for 0800 numbers. They ask why 0800 numbers are used when we already have so many other seamless methods of communication.

0800 numbers are also known as free-to-call numbers which makes them very powerful marketing and sales tools. Most customers do not contact the company because they do not want to waste their money. By offering a 0800 number, your company is portraying an image that they appreciate feedback, and they are open to criticism.

It also helps in encouraging customers to seek guidance when in need. A recent study concluded that 0800 numbers are perceived as user-friendly numbers. This is one of the main reasons businesses with 0800 numbers are known to be customer-friendly businesses. After looking at this trend, businesses ditched all the other options and switched to 0800 numbers only.

Companies when market their brand with 0800 numbers, are seen to be accepted easily because they are not seen as a local business. Online trading businesses, e-commerce companies, service-providing companies, and product distribution companies usually use 0800 numbers for marketing their brand.

Can You Trace 0800 Numbers?

Although 0800 numbers are non-geographical, yet you can find trace them back. However, you can only trace who owns the number but not the location. Most people leave a message for their identification however, some people do not leave any identification. You can simply search the number on the internet, and you might find a toll-free directory. Within this directory, you will find an option of “find the business” and you can search for the number there.

What Are the Charges For 0800 Numbers?

Non-geographical numbers like 0800 numbers are universally seen as tool-free numbers. So, if you have to call a company with 0800 and 0808 as a prefix to their contact number, you can call them for free. However, there are so many other non-geographical numbers that are used by businesses, and not all these numbers are free.

Numbers starting with 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871 as a prefix are expensive, even if you are using your landline or a mobile number. 09 numbers are so far the most expensive.

Is There A Way to Reduce Communication Budget While Using 0800 Numbers?

Small businesses when getting into the business world look for ways to give cutthroat competition to big companies. However, in just a few months they discover that they are bleeding money. There is no doubt, 0800 numbers are a great option, however, if you are a small company struggling with your communication budget you will have to think about some alternatives that can help you keep your communication budget limited.

One of the best tricks that most companies use for reducing their communication budget is to rely on additional numbers for international calls. Companies are offering +441 and +442 numbers and they charge the same as a landline. By dialing the 141 number you can easily hide your location and you do not have to pay extra.

Another suitable alternative is the 03 number. These numbers do not cost more than any local landline call and can easily be added to mobile and landline phone minutes packages.

What Type of Companies Use 0800 Numbers?

Most international companies are already using 0800 numbers so when new business companies get into the market, they look for 0800 numbers right away. Experts say it is much better to use a communication system that will complement your business. Some of the organizations and business models that use the 0800 number include:

  • Business customer service
  • Charity Helplines
  • Free information services
  • Emergency helplines
  • Business sales-generating companies

The main reason most of these organizations use 0800 numbers is that they are either non-profit organizations like free information services, charity helpline, and emergency helpline, or they generate business through queries. Companies that are still in starting phase or they are currently looking for a cheaper alternative, need to get two different lines or they can explore other options.

How to Set Up a 0800 Number?

Setting a 0800 number is very easy, you just need to order your 0800 number and with the help of your virtual landline number account you can set it up. You can use your account and the service provider will be able to configure for redirection of the calls to your current number. You can also choose another number of your choice. You can use the same number to attend the call, or you can forward it to any other number of your choice.

If you have a business phone system, you can simply connect your 0800 number directly to your business phone. You will be able to manage your call route as well as voicemail message with the help of this number.

How to Get A 0800 Number for Your Business?

Buying a 0800 number is very easy. You can also rent a 0800 number according to your convenience. For renting a 0800 number you can contact a telecommunication company or a company offering telecommunication services. While looking for a company that sells 0800 numbers, you need to contact the company rather than a 3rd party. Xinix offers 0800 numbers for your business. You can easily contact them and rent the number that you need.

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