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Vanity Phone Number

A vanity phone number is a local or toll-free business telephone number which consists of a small, recognizable pattern of digits and alphabets. Such a unique pattern is ideal for commercial use as the customers easily remember them. Therefore, these are also known as customer numbers.

The most popular vanity numbers start with toll-free prefix number 800. However, more prefixes have been introduced recently; 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833. Companies can also have their customized vanity telephone number consisting of numbers, alphabets and phrases that reflect their brand.

For instance the vanity telephone number of a US based company Xfinity is “1-800-XFINITY. Similarly, 1-800-PETMED is a unique yet easy to remember vanity number for an online store selling medicines for pets.

This is in fact one of highly effective business marketing strategies as users can easily remember such contact numbers, increasing the chances of landing more customers.

Types of vanity phone numbers

Toll-free vanity numbers

These vanity telephone numbers are free to call as no charges are incurred on customers, hence “toll free”. Instead the company pays for the call expanse. Thus, these numbers are great to build customers’ trust and build brand reputation.

Customers can call from any area code, nationwide. Such numbers are great as it can help your brand build reputation and credibility and customer base, nationwide. Usually, such numbers have prefixes 800, 866 and 877.

Local vanity numbers

This type of phone numbers are useful if your business is based in one state of location. Moreover, these numbers start with local prefixes that are easily recognizable by the local customers. This builds familiarity and customers trust for the brand as the customers might feel like your business is directly connected with their community. This helps your business stand out from your competitors.

Vanity numbers for business are unique, customized and careful selection of numeric sequences. It reflects and relates to the brands, the goal and the services being offered. Perhaps, the most important fact is that it should be easy to remember and familiar for the customers.

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Useful features of vanity telephone numbers

Apart from being an effective marketing strategy, these customized numbers have numerous useful features:

Call tracking and recording

Businesses can have valuable insights for potential clients and untapped market potential. Call tracking allows you to access detailed reports and also help the sales team to analyze market demands.

Furthermore, the call recording feature is helpful too, especially for the sales department. The team can record incoming calls and later analyze them to potential leads into sales.

Call routing

Just like any other VoIP phone number, vanity telephone numbers can also be routed. Depending on the anticipated call volume, you can enable call routing to different employees and to different departments too. In addition, you can route incoming calls to a voicemail box.

Detailed call analytics

Vanity numbers for business allow you to have detailed insight of calls. The received calls, the missed calls, calls who converted to sales, the area from which most calls received and timing too. You can estimate market demands and trends.

Benefits of vanity numbers 

Here are some of advantages of vanity phone numbers for commercial users:

Brands image and credibility 

Vanity numbers for business are an effective  yet affordable way to improve brand awareness. You can definitely make your presence felt and reach potential clients with a different contact number.

As a business, your vanity telephone number is an asset. From print media, to billboards and social media platforms, you can use this number.

Customers will easily memorize them and potentially share with others too. This will be a verbal marketing of your business. Furthermore, it is way easier for your audience to share it across their social circle, helping you reach maximum clients.

Competitive advantage 

Business world is all about competition and making the right move at the right time. You can stand out with the help of customized number which is related to your brand name, products and services being offered.

People tend to forget generic numbers. From a consumer mindset, it is easy to memorize something catchy, unique and different. Suppose, your vanity contact number for flower business is 800-FLOWER and you have used it in all your ads and campaigns, anyone needing such services is more likely to contact you first. Simply put, this strategy can drive more sales and improve profitability as well.


As a business owner, your goal is to not just be limited to successful marketing campaigns or to have an easily recognizable number. Rather, you must not overlook this golden opportunity of branding and promoting your professional image. It will give you a competitive advantage over others.

Easily recognizable

Another key benefit of having a different and customized phone number is ease to remember. It’s a matter of fact that not everyone can memorize a seven digit number, unless it is something unique and different. For instance, if a potential customer comes across your ad on TV screen or radio, chances are high that they will easily remember your contact number if it is something different. For instance, you run an online pet accessory shop and your vanity number is 1-800-PETMED. This is easy to memorize and the customer can contact later.

Successful marketing campaigns

A vanity telephone number can significantly boost response rates to advertising campaigns. Generic numbers are difficult to keep in mind. Vanity numbers are recognizable and easy to memorize, thus more chances of customers reaching you.

Access to advanced phone features

Business vanity numbers offer additional useful features such as caller ID, call routing, call forwarding, recording and various advanced features. These are indeed worthy for streamlined business processes and business success.

Security and privacy

Last but not the least, having a professional vanity phone number offers enhanced security and privacy. No one has to share his personal contact to clients or other work-related contacts. Furthermore, there are several security features such as two-factor authentication, encryption, notifications, and account activity monitoring and so on, to ensure security from potential cyberattacks.

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Tips to choose a vanity phone number?

You can easily buy a vanity phone number from service providers. Some offer toll-free vanity numbers while others also offer local vanity number.

Depending on your business demands and your budget, you should do proper research and compare packages of different service providers to choose the best suited plan.

When you reach your business phone service provider, you will be provided with a list of available vanity numbers to choose from. In some cases, you will be given access to search tools to check availability of vanity phone numbers for your business.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one:

  • Vanity numbers for business should make sense as per the specific business model
  • choose according to the area or region your business is based in. For instance, it can be a toll-free or local vanity number.
  • Also keep in mind that the cost will vary according to the number, area or region as well as its advanced feature
  • Make sure the contact number reflects your business, the goal, the product or the services being offered
  • It should be something unique yet familiar and easy to remember for the customers

Once you have it, make sure to use it all your advertisement campaigns, website and social media accounts

Final thoughts

Vanity numbers are unique, easy to remember numeric sequences that are easily recognizable and memorable. These numbers build a professional image of brand, reputation and credibility. Moreover, having such a contact number greatly increases the chances of successful marketing campaigns and offers additional security and privacy as well. The cost of vanity phone numbers vary depending on its features. As a brand, make sure to choose a vanity number which reflects your brand and related to products.


What is a vanity phone number?

Vanity phone number is a unique alphanumeric sequence that is related to your business name or the services being offered. Businesses use such numbers as an easy marketing strategy because customers can easily memorize such unique contact numbers.

How to write a vanity number?

This number typically consists of an easily recognizable pattern of digits and alphabets. For instance, this number (800-463-3339) is a vanity contact number and can be spelled as “1-800-GoFedEx.

Is a vanity number worth it?

These unique phone numbers are ideal for businesses. In fact, these numbers are like word-of-mouth marketing as people tend to easily remember such numbers and often share in their social circle as well.

What is vanity area code?

Vanity number area code can be local area code or it may start with digits 800. These can be toll free or local vanity numbers.

Can I have a custom phone number?

Many network providers offer the facility to customize your desired phone number. Once you decide your desired custom number, you can ask your service provider for further instructions. 

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