Back in 2007, these national or 0330 numbers were introduced for business. Since then, these national numbers are becoming increasingly popular. A little expensive at the start, these numbers are becoming common and affordable now which is the reason they are easily accessible for small businesses just like any big tech giant. Before 0330, there were freephone or 0800 numbers that were much more expensive as well. Since 0330 numbers are not linked with any location, they offer an impression that the business is run on an international scale.

What is a 0330 Number?

If you have a small business with a remote support team, you will need virtual numbers. These virtual or non geographical numbers are known as 0330 numbers. With the help of these non-geographical numbers, you can easily customize your brand image which is the reason businesses are opting for these numbers. If we look at the cost of it, there is no difference. You can easily call a 0330 number and it will cost the same as calling a standard UK landline with 01-2.

Why Are Businesses Opting For 0330 Numbers?

The demand for 0330 numbers is rising with every passing day. According to telecommunication experts, 0330 numbers will soon become the future of business. Since these numbers set businesses completely free by not linking them to a specific location, they easily get rid of customer biases. Small businesses usually use these numbers to give the impression that they are an international brand, or they have been working on a national scale. Some of the main benefits that are luring more businesses towards the 0330 numbers include:

Build A Solid Customer Base

There is no doubt that non-geographical numbers attract more customers as compared to local numbers. Experts say that customers think that big companies have more resources which means they have better service. Companies now use these numbers for marketing purposes to attract customers from around the country. As the numbers offer a national image to the business, customers feel much better while buying from these companies.

Remote Access Regardless of Time

Most companies offer flexible timing or remote working so that they can cover customer service round the clock. If you allow your employees to move around or if you move around for business, these non-geographical numbers will be very useful for your business. With the help of these national numbers, you can stay updated and keep your client updated as well. Apart from this every time you relocate, you do not have to inform the client or provide them with a completely different number. You will be using the same number that is accessible for all.

Offers an Extensive Range

Location-based numbers mean you are in just one region which impacts the impression of a business. With the help of non-geographical business’ numbers, you can reach clients beyond your current region of service. It offers an advantage for the marketing team. As a result, you will see growth in your business, you will have more customers and you will be able to expand your business. In most cases, if you want to broaden the horizon of business, you are required to travel, however, these numbers will offer you all the perks without any extra investment.

0330 Numbers cost

0330 numbers are a much more cost-effective alternative to the traditional 0800 numbers that were just meant for big businesses. Apart from this, these non-geographical numbers have lower calling rates making it the best possible option for marketing. Businesses do not have to push their marketing budget, rather they will be able to get the same benefits via these numbers.

Is 0330 a free Number?

It is a common misconception that 0330 numbers are toll-free numbers, and you can call them without any money. On the contrary, there are 0330 call charges that you need to pay. However, it doesn’t cost too much; it costs the same as any other national call. In case you have some inclusive minutes with your connection provider, you will not have to pay anything extra. This means any bundle or package will enable you to call these numbers without paying extra.

Is It Difficult to Buy 0330 Numbers?

Small businesses get very concerned about the use and purchase of these non-geographical numbers because they have a very limited operational budget. There are so many companies that offer 0330 numbers most of the business phone providing companies and VoIP providing companies specialized in 0330 numbers. You can easily contact the best business phone provider and choose from their range of 0330 numbers. They will also offer an easy plan that will complement your overall business model. If you are a small business owner, you can get something that will suit your limited operations however, if you are an owner of a medium or big enterprise, you can easily get something that will suit your business needs. Activation of these numbers will cost no extra setup fee or installment fee and you do not even need a contract.

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