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Levels Of Tech Support For Our Customers

As already stated, the level of services that you select to provide your clients will largely be driven by what your service rates are. If you offer a low price to your customers, then you will definitely require less when it comes to service support. On the other hand, if your focus is on value, we will provide you with remarkably comprehensive VoIP reseller Tech Support as well as some added exceptional services that will aid you in delivering great value to the clients that have specific needs.

In order to keep up with the tough market reality, Active SoftSwitch delivers a total of four support levels. The first support levels which are already inclusive of your monthly billing are the Light and Technical support respectively. The level of service that you receive will be equivalent to your plan of choice.

A.Lite Support (Inclusive)

Our subscribers of the Lite Plan are provided with the UK daytime ticket support. In this section of the market, the margins are rather tight and we deliver a service that matches the price of the Service Plan. There is still satisfactory value for money in the Lite service especially since it surpasses other competent services in the VoIP wholesaler market. Despite the fact that this service is marketed as lite, we deliver a superior level of service and a considerably more certified service environment for our Lite clientele, that can be found anywhere else at this level. Some of the features are:

  1. 08:00 – 18:00 (UK) 7-day, online or email ticket support.
  2. Service support in agreement to the written SLA

B.Technical Support (Inclusive)

Our partners of the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate plans automatically eligible for our highly acclaimed Tech Support Services which consist of:

  1. 24×7 online or email ticket support
  2. Service support in agreement with written SLA
  3. Technical increment procedure to technical director or account manager

Premium Support Alternatives (Pay)

We also deliver two premium tech support services in the form of Branded Intelligent Hands and ICC Intelligent Hands with the former available with or without phone call support. These are intended to get rid of your more intricate and time-consuming responsibilities that come with the management of an ITSP service as clearly described here:

Priority Structure

The complete support structure relies on categories of priority. Immediate support is given to the systems whose service is critically impacted whereas other slight technical concerns are fixed within an agreed 2-day period.
These categories consist of:

  1. Immediate Response: 1 hour – complete breakdown of client environment or severe corruption of systems.
  2. High Priority Response: 8 hours – impairment of client environment by the general functionality is still intact
  3. Low Priority Response: 48 hours – need for configuration or scheduled maintenance of the client environment for optimized performance.

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