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A customer relationship management system is the core of every company. Stated as a simple software where you can make customer invoices, it has evolved into something that helps you handle everything in one place. Reducing the handling time and providing easy access to all data without any extra work, the CRM system is so far the best way to handle your business without wasting time on keeping files manually. According to a recent study conducted by SuperOffice in 2021, it was seen that almost 91% of the company with more than 11 staff members are using CRM. Small businesses are using subscription-based CRM systems that are already available in the market however, bigger companies are using customized CRM that has everything that they need.

CRM systems available in the market are not customizable and they come with very limited features. Companies that buy subscriptions must look for ways to use different portals for each feature. This gets very complicated and increases the handling time as well. With so many different portals for each feature, you need to track down and learn about the features of each portal first. The training process gets far more complicated for the new joiners who have never used a CRM before. Apart from this, things become very complicated when you work for the customer care department.

As telephony technology is transforming from analog to VOIP, pre-internet cold calling practices are also diminishing. Digital innovation has opened new avenues and it has transformed everything. Now companies are Integrating Telephony with CRM systems to help their employees. From small businesses to tech giants, this integration is helping everyone. Here are the top 10 reasons your business needs Telephony integration with Your CRM System

10 Benefits of Integrating Telephony into Your CRM System


Caller Tracking Service

While working on customer service, a representative receives multiple calls a day. As a result, tracking old numbers and new numbers gets very difficult. However, this issue can be completely resolved by Integrating Telephony with CRM. As soon as the phone starts ringing, you will get full details about the caller. It will show the old history of the number and how many times have the caller called for help earlier. This will help you design a simple conversation strategy even before attending the phone call. In most cases, customer representatives like to add notes according to the issue of the client. When the call gets forwarded to any other rep, they can instantly know about the issue through the note.

Reducing Handling Time

A business is only successful when an employee’s performance surpasses the cost of employee services. This means if you receive multiple calls over the day and you have multiple portals that they need to consult for resolving issues, this will automatically decrease the number of issues they resolve per day. On the contrary, if you decrease the issue handling through a simple portal that provides access to all kinds of data and yet offers a one-click call system, it will be a game-changer. For instance, if a customer rep handles only 9 calls per day and for each call, he must go through 14 different portals to seek data, this will increase the call handling time. On the contrary, if he can find everything in a single place, this will help him to bring the call handling time to just a few minutes. Eventually, he will be able to resolve more issues per day and the progress will increase. A simple result will be that the company will not need to hire more people.

Complete Customization

When you must juggle between multiple portals just for simple information, you will not be able to customize your data list. Every time you receive a call, you will have to go through the data again one by one or run an issue-based search. When you connect your telephony system with the CRM of the company, this will collect all the data through that without having to call people individually. Without CRM integration, the data stays in the data tower and it creates a lot of blind spots by concealing the data. Opinium research reports that more than 52% of the buyers use the personalization service to help their customers. Moving to the Cloud system will help you access data and answer phone calls from anywhere.

Easy Pop-Ups

According to research by Accenture, around 89% of the customers the most frustrating point of customer service is follow-up, however, they are asked to repeat their information along with the issue and last complaint number. With the help of simple CRM integration, you get full control of the conversation. Even as you receive the call you will be able to access all the basic information and let them know about the progress of their complaint.

No Noise

If you ask a customer representative what is the most annoying thing that they face every day. They will simply point out the continuous ringing and the fact that they need to attend the call right away. Imagine getting voice notes without even listening to your mobile ring. Although it comes down to the product and service that you offer you can simply connect your CRM with VoIP service and you will be able to get back to your call, drop a voice note and receive a voice note when you are away. The best thing is that if there is some sensitive information, you can drop a secure voicemail message so that the recipient does not have to worry about his security.

Easy Call Schedule System

Imagine setting an appointment with someone and then forgetting to call them. This might work if you are running your business but when it comes to working for a company, it becomes a requirement. Tracking and scheduling calls through other portals get very difficult but imagine scheduling calls for the next whole month and then when you receive a notification just click on the notification and you can start the call. With the help of this feature, you will be able to make or receive the call with just one click. This helps in making the overall communication seamless and easy.

Easy Auto Message Service

Imagine you received a new update about customers from a certain category and you want to send them an update. However, with over a hundred contacts within the same category, you find it hard to respond. The best way is to simply select a recorded message and send it to all. This will save a lot of time and you do not have to call everyone individually. According to an estimate, 15% of the daily time is spent on redundant works like leaving voicemails and running follow back calls. By using this easy feature, you will be reducing the cost and saving time as well. CRM automation can cut the cost of the operation and you will be able to relocate your resources to other departments.

One Step Easy Report

We have seen that in most companies there is a designated resource that works as an assistant to the supervisor. The main responsibility of this individual is to create a report. He needs to keep an eye on the number of calls each day. He then categorizes these calls according to departments and sees the number of new calls and follow-up calls. With the help of integrating the CRM with the telephony system, everything becomes very easy. Just with one click, you will be able to get the report along with new calls, caller data, and their issue. This is especially important if you offer multiple services. With the help of complaint numbers per day for a specific department and other key metrics, you will be able to detect if you need any improvement in that department or their services.

Caller Interaction and Monitoring Service

With the help of simple CRM integration with the telephone system, you will be able to follow and access the details regarding the services. In case you feel you need help from the supervisor, you can redirect the call to the supervisor. Your supervisor can get involved and help you right away. The supervisor can also monitor the call and see if the representative is following the script or needs further training in his department. With the help of the call recording feature, the supervisor can save the call for training purposes. In most cases, managers use this feature to evaluate the representative and this helps with appraisals as well.

Easy Training Through Interactive Script

When you hire a new employee as a customer representative you need to train him. This means that you cannot rely on his information because he is still learning. In most cases, these newly hired employees are asked to sit with the supervisor. As a result, they consume the time of the supervisor and yet you cannot trust their service completely. When you integrate the phone system with the CRM, you can easily feed an interactive script for them. This will help them acquire all basic information at the same place. They can simply follow the script and direct the customer through a narrow funnel. Following this simple script will help them learn easily which will cut the training cost and they will be able to bring customers without thinking too much. When linked with quantifiable data, this can help the copywriters and marketers to update the message according to new offers.

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