VoIP and CRM Integration: Improving Marketing & Sales Teams

voip and crm

Business world is always evolving and adapting to advanced technologies to meet the challenges of the market. Technologies such as VoIP and  customer relationship management software (CRM) have transformed the business world for good. There is seamless communication, connectivity and optimal workflow yielding more growth and productivity. But how about combining two of the most useful tools?

CRM and VoIP system integration will offer a more versatile and optimized workflow, streamlined business communication and enhanced team collaboration.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the digital replacement of traditional phone systems. This cloud based telephony allows the users to make and receive calls through internet connection. Furthermore, there are several additional features that were lacking in conventional phone lines.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a precise combination of technologies, strategies, and practices to help analyze and track business processes. This cloud based software enables the businesses to analyze, track and manage all business processes and handle customer’s queries to effective interactions and increase customer satisfaction.

CRM VoIP Integration Explained:

CRM integration with the VoIP phone system enables us to reap benefits of both incredible tools. VoIP and CRM system integration will keep the CRM database up-to-date with sales leads generated through VoIP phone systems. The sales team does not have to do the tedious tasks of manual entries and moving back and forth between systems. This integration enables real-time interactions.

For instance, a customer contacts you through a VoIP phone call when you already have CRM integrated with VoIP. What happens is the CRM will automatically add the contact details in the database without any manual input from an administrator. The sales team will have data in hand, easily accessible and  no lead is missed.

The data recorded in CRM software can later be used for communication, tracking leads and outbound marketing. Sales team can schedule follow-up events and track progress. CRM will also provide actionable insights about leads, conversion rate, marketing campaigns etc so you can boost conversions in the future using similar techniques. Simply put, such an integration of business tools saves time and effort so the team can focus on more productive tasks.

Benefits of CRM and VoIP integration for sales team

There is this seemingly infinite number of potential benefits of CRM VoIP integration for businesses. This is the best way to have a unified communication system that single handedly manages all leads and customer interactions, using technologies we already have. 

In addition, such integration is low-cost, saves time and optimizes workflow without having to hire new staff or increase working hours for employees. The sales team can have valuable insights and they can track data across different channels to decide better marketing strategies resulting in more success and productivity.

Here is how integrating VoIP with CRM software will benefit the sales and marketing teams:

Connected features and task automation:

Both VoIP phone systems and CRM offer amazing advanced features. Integrating both will definitely result in something more useful. Connected features save time and effort through real time interactions and task automation.

For instance, the employee can assemble and record data and quickly send a follow-up email as soon as the call is hung up. Save time and effort so the team can focus on more important tasks rather than going through different systems to manually update records. Similarly, an auto-dialer can automatically start dialing potential customers based on a pre-compiled list of leads and available data.

Ease of access and data Synchronization:

CRM integration with VoIP phone facilitates sales and marketing teams through data synchronization. Data is updated in real time. All call related data including call logs and call recordings are automatically synchronized and updated in CRM database.

This connected feature saves time as there is no need for manual data entry. There are less errors and data is always readily available for all team members.

Suppose, when a call is received on a Home VoIP system, all data is recorded and next time the system will automatically identify and show customer contact details. Not only this, the integrated CRM can use all this data to provide valuable insights for potential sales leads and possibilities for the sales team.

Enhanced team efficiency and productivity:

VoIP CRM integration ensures enhanced team efficiency and boosts productivity. Employees are more productive when they focus on necessary tasks instead of spending hours finding contact information. Furthermore, when the data is easily accessible through CRM software, team members can better collaborate and can act quickly to resolve customer queries.

Integrating VoIP with CRM software offers a unified and centralized system for managing and handling customer’s queries. When customer contact information and interaction history are all at one place, the team has more time for sales and support services resulting in enhanced  conversion rate as well.

Enhanced quality of customer interactions:

Since all the data is updated in real time,  such as contact details, customer preferences, his previous history and all, the team can offer a more effective and personalized customer experience. Enhanced customer satisfaction develops client’s trust and confidence in your business, resulting in more conversions.  

Reduced operational cost

Companies who choose to integrate both tools have reduced operational cost as they don’t have to manage two separate systems. Furthermore, these advanced features allow more automation of tasks, and the company does not have to hire additional staff; this also reduces overall expanse.

How to integrate VoIP into CRM?

Many service providers offer VoIP CRM integration, helping businesses to manage customer relationships., boost sales and enhance team productivity. 

Many popular CRM software such as salesforce, Hubspot and zoho offer such integration for sales and marketing teams.  

Final thoughts 

VoIP CRM integration is a powerful collocation of two highly useful business tools. The connected features enable task automation, real time data update, analytics and valuable insights so as to assist marketing and sales teams. This is particularly useful for sales teams who can easily access required data, identity and track leads. Since the data is accessible through a centralized and integrated VoIP CRM system. It creates a cohesive and synergic work environment for all departments to collaborate for better productivity and enhanced profitability. 

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