Trends of Business Phone System & Its Impact on the Growth of Business

A steep rise in the popularity of cloud technology has influenced the communication infrastructure to the internet. Consequently, it changes the way a business interacts with the customers or other companies internally and externally. It also means that companies do not require costly hardware to stay connected to their customers and the world in general.

In this technological era, constant advancement and progress are rampant and it is revolutionizing the way businesses perceive their business phone systems. Some of the top tech advancements are rendered below.

VoIP Phone System & AI

VoIP Phone System & AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to influence almost every facet of a telecom provider’s business. Consequently, it assists the traditional telecom providers to become total digital service providers. Although, the AI implementation is believed to simplify the telecom operations complexity by enhancing the processing of increasing amounts of data. AI is not used to replace humans rather it is based on expanding the abilities of customer care agents, network operations engineers, sales representatives, and field engineers. As a result, it helps better serve the customers and saves their employees’ time in the digital era.

Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems

Presently, most companies are aimed at digital transformation, so they keenly seek ways to unify and simplify the workflow. In such cases, the advantages of cloud solutions can never be refuted. It includes the solutions related to chat voice, admin, accounting, HR, security, and the number of benefits that go on. Due to the progress in applications and infrastructure, data and information have easy accessibility from any device and geographic location. Instead of spending money to consistently update outdated equipment, a cloud-based phone fits the requirement and sometimes removes the bill.

The success of cloud-based phones is owed to their flexibility, scalability, and affordability. In addition, cloud phone systems have surpassed legacy phone systems, specifically when it is related to costs. Generally, they are less expensive compared to outdated solutions because users never having to bear a high upfront hardware cost. Furthermore, legacy phone systems need companies to instate physical handsets in the work locations and maintain the same straight from a precise physical accessibility point. On the other hand, cloud phone systems move the autonomy of virtual multi-point access to its users enabling them to establish, configure, and create alterations remotely.

PBX Phone system

Any PBX phone system is based on an office system created to administer the calls in a company. The PBX systems are highly cost-effective and customizable for small businesses. In addition, it allows the company to manage and control every inbound call with just a single system. In today’s time, the up-to-date PBX systems never need any hardware installation and use software to direct calls to the accurate section, people, and department. One of the reasons behind the success of a PBX system is the way it efficiently works than an actual system used by the business. PBX also renders inbound callers with a professional greeting with a list of choices that they can choose from.

Apart from this, the calls are also captured through a voicemail system when you are unavailable. In addition, a business can choose voicemail to email or text service to make sure the business voicemails are received. With a PBX system, it is also possible to convert the received faxes into an email message and forward calls despite the location. Another feature includes the screening, which enables the business to focus on business goals and work while still be available for vital phone calls.

Unified Communications & SMB

Unified Communications & SMB

Unified communication is one of the main advantages of a small business phone system. It renders a unified user interface for every kind of communication. For instance, it includes data sharing, video conferencing, instant messaging, and presence. It is the best way to eliminate the monthly recurring fees of a phone company. Anyone can reach the employees of a company and if the employees are unavailable by phone, then they can send messages to communicate on an urgent basis. In such circumstances, one has to pay only a monthly charge for every voice mailbox and linked forwarding feature.

In regards to small-medium businesses (SMB), a survey showed that 74 percent continue to consider voice communication as vital for organizational operations. Here, the most used features include music on hold, conference call bridges, intercom, three-way calling, and calling various locations through extensions. Although the SMBs are also shifting to the PBX and other cloud-based solutions to achieve unified and seamless communication. The survey also showed that 25 percent of businesses want remote desk phones, where 24 percent prefer a mobile client for the desk lines. Apart from this, some various more abilities and features benefit SMBs by providing great flexibility and efficiency.

Virtual Call Center

The virtual call center helps businesses enhance the customer experience while clients call for sales or support. Company owners utilize the virtual call center software to fully benefit from the features like performance analytics and interactive voice response (IVR). On the other hand, contact center options and services vary by provider. Some of the features to look for include a great call center software system for small companies in need of affordable software with various options. Such options include call routing and custom reports. In addition, it is better to choose a provider that works better for workplace optimization features. As a result, a company should choose the virtual call center as per its business needs.

Key Advantages for Small Business

Adaptable & Cost-Effective

The best PBX systems offer a cost-effective communication solution to the company when compared to hardware-based phones and systems. A PBX system is also known as the professional system for handling incoming calls. As a result, it helps a company to position its business as a professional business because inbound calls are rapidly answered. In addition, it also can adapt the PBX as the business progresses, grows, and develops. Hence, such a system eases the change process by using an intuitive web interface and mobile app. On the other hand, the addition of new departments or team members is also easily done without needing any technical training.

Furthermore, a PBX system can efficiently manage the calls’ influx. In addition, it can also administer a high number of calls without dropping calls. As a result, calls can be managed effectively and transfer the call to the accurate department or team member. Such a system also takes care of the calls during busy periods. Lastly, it assists in concentrating on the work needed to be finished by the employees.

No Hardware & Easy Implementation

It is well-known that legacy phone systems need a substantial up-front hardware investment. In comparison, the business can utilize a phone system with the present IP phones, tablets, mobile phones, and laptop computers. The feature of three-way calling also charges less than 5 dollars per month and line. However, this expense can increase if a company has various phone lines and conferencing is just restricted to three participants. But the extra costs of third-party conferences can be reduced if a company chooses to buy a conference bridge. Hence, it eliminates the monthly charges and supports various parties.

In addition, VoIP-based business phones are generally inexpensive than old office phones. On the other hand, it can be easy to implement the system simply and rapidly. If you choose to utilize the current hardware or buy new VoIP phones, so a business can bring the service online in an easy way. As a result, a company does not need to hire an IT professional to set up and manage the system.

CRM Integration

Corporate phone systems enable a company to integrate its customer relationship management (CRM) with the Xinix phone system. Such a functionality further manages the customer account information on the computer screen of the receiving party during the call. It is only possible with the technology of caller ID. As a result, the receiving parties can easily familiarize themselves with the customer. Hence, it enables them to improve the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, the customer service and sales representative can place calls with the click of a mouse. Therefore, the calls are habitually logged into the CRM of the business. Generally, such a feature also includes the option of call recording that automatically records all the inbound and outbound calls. As a result, all of these recordings are also stored with the account information of the customer. Moreover, these recordings are used for monitoring, training, and legal goals.

Customizable & On-Demand Phone Numbers

A VoIP system helps the company to attain total autonomy. Various providers render highly customizable VoIP packages, so you never have to pay for unneeded tools. The landline phone system and virtual system have a major difference between streaming and cable. A cable package makes a business pay more unrequired channels than its favorite ones. Likewise, streaming services makes the customers pay less and watch more shows.

Furthermore, access to the on-demand phone number is advantageous for small businesses, especially if there are remote workers in play. In addition, some team members have various area codes and phone numbers. In such cases, the assignment of on-demand local numbers makes it easy for customers to identify the calls and inserts professionalism while making calls remotely. As a result, consider all of these benefits and current trends while choosing the phone system.

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