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How SIP Trunking Improves Customer Experience

To date, we have already covered plenty on the benefits of VoIP to businesses. Thanks to this technology, organizations no longer invest in or rely on any infrastructure. Instead, they depend on their service provider’s infrastructure. It is also worth noting that it is very easy to switch from PSTN to VoIP using hosted VoIP services from experienced service providers like us. However, establishing your own enterprise SIP system gives you more authority of your organization’s telecommunication system.

In most hosted VoIP instances, the service provider handles customer support on your behalf. Like any other IT service, this comes with its pros and cons. In this case, the advantages outweigh the demerits by far. It could help reduce the amount of work for your staff and enable them focus on the other aspects of the business. But look at it this way as well. The happier the customer is, the more the likelihood of retaining that customer. It is also a marketing strategy as you will always receive recommendations from satisfied customers. In short, it is always about the value and the experience that the client can get from your products and services. Who wouldn’t prefer quality service?

As such, deployment of your own enterprise SIP will put you in a better position to provide the best customer service you can. So how can you use enterprise SIP to achieve this? Let’s see.

Outbound Client Calls with SIP Trunking

Marketing teams of any organization will always look into establishing contact with as many clients or potential clients as possible. They do this by calling the clients. In order to convince a potential client to buy into your product or service, your marketing team might need to make several calls before the deal is sealed. Your team can also increase sales and revenues by contacting clients who have bought your products previously. This is because they might need other services or your team might convince them to buy other products or seek services that they might not have considered as important before.

Keeping Track on the Inbound Calls

In other instances, it might be worthwhile for your customer support team to call and find if your customers are satisfied and identify any potential problems. This will help you in improving the quality of your products and services. It will also make the customers feel that they are valued. The customers who feel valued will then strongly identify with your organization. And this is where the CRM software comes in handy. That’s because you will have large volumes of calls that sould be made by your team to the clients. CRM software will assist with managing the calls and achieving of set targets.

In essence, enterprise SIP is founded on standard protocols that are compatible with most cloud services. Therefore, different tools and systems used by your organization can be merged with your telecommunication system. The enterprise SIP system can be programmed to record the time and dates that calls are made by members of your team. From those records, it will be easier to keep track of the communication between your customers and your organization.

Inbound Client Calls

When clients experience obstacles with your services and they come seeking any clarifications, they will get in touch with your customer support team by calling. Potential customers who want more details about your products and services will also get in touch with your support team. The clients could also call individual staff members of your organization. With enterprise SIP, your company can comfortably manage a lot of call traffic from your clients.
As you may already know, clients will usually have different needs. Thankfully, these needs could be classified into broad categories based on the history of support required by your customers in the past. That way, it is easier to identify a caller with the most urgent needs.

Inbound Call Management

Using SIP trunking with IVR, ACD queues, hunt groups and automated answering will assist in effective management of inbound calls. IVR will be useful in responding to typical questions like location of your business premises and opening and closing times of your business. IVR will also direct challenging questions to relevant agents. This means that only complicated questions will be channeled to specific agents to simplify their work.

Hunt groups and ACD queues will assist in connecting customers to customer support staff members who have in-depth knowledge in particular products or services. Applications like call transfers and call hold should also be included in enterprise SIP. This helps in directing the customers who lack contacts to specific employees or customer support members to the specific individuals they seek help from. When a customer support member is not available or is committed, you can set the system in such a manner that it redirects their calls to other available employees.

From today’s discussion, with enterprise SIP, you can give your customers the best service possible. There are limitless possibilities with enterprise SIP. With the technology improving by the day, things will only get better. Xinix World offers the best SIP trunking services in you cay and you should get in touch with us to if you have any queries.

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