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Teleco Grades Of SoftSwitch

PortaOne: A Service Powerhouse

Active SoftSwitch draws its exclusive power from PortaSwitch Prosinctus, which is the core of its service. PortaOne can thus be described as ‘‘the ultimate combination of all our range of products and technical equipment built under a comprehensively collective VoIP billing software platform in order to achieve the highest performance levels and supreme reliability.’’
This is the best place for VoIP resellers as well as other ITSPs who are searching for hosted Port Switch, hosted PortaOne. Hosted IP solutions, PortaOne Environments and PortaOne Partitions.

Redundant Architecture

Every component of Procinctus (meaning ‘ready for battle’) that is critical to a business is stored under a cluster of several servers so as to provide remarkable redundancy and transparent load-sharing. This boosts the level of capacity of the whole system.

Class 4 Features

Throughout the course of 30 major releases, PortaOne has progressed into a tough featured switch of Class 4 and Class 5 features.
The major functionality of a Class 4 switch is the diversion of high amounts of long distance VoIP phone calls. Thus, its most crucial characteristics are unveiled from how it handles transcoding, conversion and protocol support, the mean time of single call routing, the rate of calls per second and how it handles massive amounts of concurrent phone calls. These features perfectly fit our Professional Plan.

Class 5 Features

In addition, Porta Switch also provides a full Class 5 features set which is quite necessary for any service which closely associates with the end users for instance the IPBX features and IP Centrex. These consist of; Hunt Groups, Call Waiting, Follow Me, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Hunt Groups, Teleconferencing, Call Divert and Group Call Pickup among lots of other class 5 features that make the PortaOne an exceptional fit for our Enterprise Plan.

99.96% Uptime

Uptime is vital particularly since more than 100,000 clients rely on the Active SoftSwitch for VoIP wholesaler service on 5 different continental regions across the globe. After the introduction of the configuration server in the cluster of the Procinctus back in 2011, there has been a substantial escalation on the availability score of the scheduled voice session which is now provided at more than an impressive 99.99%, with other components generating a 99.96% total rate of availability.

24×7 Support

There is 24×7 support of Active SoftSwitch which is possible because PortaOne delivers a similar level of support to our technical team whenever there is need of escalations.

Application Protocol Interface

In the event that there are changes taking place in the process of a Major Release Upgrade, Active SoftSwitch is left totally unaffected since it does not exist within the PortaOne API.

Real-Time Billing

When services such as hosted IP PBX and IP Centrex are delivered, consumers are able to have more efficient communication while retaining their current technology and telephone numbers. With a super-fast internet connectivity, users can easily adjust control settings and features according to their preferences and get the full functionality of billing in real time, from any part of the globe.
It is therefore clear that Active SoftSwitch provides you with two amazing brands simultaneously.

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