Hybrid Work Model- New Technology and Heads on Approach for Future

Imagine going to work one day and realizing you have been replaced by software. Most people will think this is a plot straight out of a science fiction movie, but experts say that this is going to be our future. In the next few years, almost 40% of jobs will be replaced by AI. Moreover, these AI machines will work much better than human substitutes. Companies will be able to generate more profit, productivity will increase and the overall time frame for producing the same quantity and quality of goods will also improve. This will also affect people who will lose jobs because they will have a skill that is no longer needed.

Society has always been reluctant to change and that’s why we have been very slow in accepting, welcoming, and adapting to new technology. Brands that do not embrace new technology, soon run out of business. This is exactly what happened with big tech giants like Nokia and Kodak. Once a part of fortune five companies, both brands stay complacent with their idea of technology without adapting to change, and soon they ran out of business.

Where pandemic has pushed us to do better, it has also forcefully brought us to a virtual workplace where almost everything requires companies to use the internet. Although, some companies keep their management in the house while their huge workforce takes full advantage of remote working.

For small businesses struggling to figure out how they can survive in the current scenario, a hybrid work model might be the light at the end of the tunnel. We will explore how the hybrid work model will be the future and some of the best ways it can help your business to reach its full potential. For companies still struggling, we have also listed down some best ways you can adapt to change and improve your business.

What Is Hybrid Work Model?

what is hybrid work model

After the pandemic companies are now ready to welcome their staff in-house. There are companies offering perks for employees so they can lure them back to the office. A recent report revealed that company management is now offering food, games, and other activity to lure people back into offices. This raises a very important question, why do companies want their employees back in offices?

The answer is simple, management of most companies is getting replaced by performance tracking software. Employees that were once rewarded based on teamwork are now getting appraisals based on the tasks completed by them individually. As a solution to the ongoing debate of remote working and on-site working, experts have offered a simple solution – the hybrid work model. With the help of this work model, employees can now choose between working on-site and remote. Just a few decades ago, the hybrid model was almost impossible. Even before the internet, these advancements would have been impossible. Thanks to technological advancements, you can work while staying at home. Better communication, virtual presence, video conferencing, hosted data, central communication system, and easy integration options have made it much easier for all employees to work together.

With unified communication, employees can stay connected through multiple software that can be connected. With the help of these platforms, users can easily send messages, voice notes, call their team, or conduct video conferencing. Apart from this, it also offers good cloud-based storage where the team can store data and access all the changes in real-time.

How to Start Taking Heads on Approach for Future?

As the world of business is going through a transition, more companies are jumping on bandwagon of the hybrid working model. There is no stop to technological advancement, which means businesses will be compelled to shift to newer technology to flourish and bolster. So far businesses are no longer just linked with accounting and economy, it also impacts human resources and their psychology. The way employees behave in the work environment is directly linked with their performance. Micromanaging, supervision, and not offering complete autonomy of task impacts the overall progress of the individual, eventually the team, and the company.

According to management, the remote working model is not helping the productivity of their company because it is blurring lines between personal life and work life. Employees stay in bed the whole day, eat while working, and sometimes take tea breaks without informing.

For businesses to flourish and become better, there needs to be a few adjustments that can assist them in making a technological shift according to the requirement of their company. Some of the best ways suggested by experts for welcoming new technology to bolster the business includes:

Learn About Leadership and Management

Improved technology means managers are no longer going to lead teams. Instead, there needs to be a shift in the leadership paradigm. The hybrid work model requires a leader who is ready to act, risks, explore different options and stay ready for uncertain situations. Apart from this, a leader also needs to keep an open mind about technological advancements. Micromanaging, day-to-day supervision, and offering very little autonomy over an assigned task can disbalance the productivity ratio offering benefits to people who comply with the force rather than brainstorm for new ideas. A leader also needs to find a fine balance between open communication and pushing people for frequent contact or reporting.

Unified Communication Tools

As technology innovation is becoming a trend, businesses are looking for ways to offer a better work environment to their human capital. For staying connected and improving communication between this human capital you need a channel dedicated to their internal communication. Similarly, when management must stay in contact with the client or with the team, they need a separate medium. This division of the communication channel itself slows down the communication process. To offer your company a better, advanced, and quick communication channel you need something that offers a unified system of communication. This will favor people working remotely as well as people working on site. An effective communication tool is not only good for staying connected but also helps in empowering the employee.

Short and Effective Meet Ups

Reporting, agenda-setting, retrospection, and evaluating are part of the meeting. However, involving everyone in the meeting without evaluating their needs wastes time. Experts like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates agree that short agenda-based meetings are much better than long sessions. With remote staff, stay connected but try to structuralize your communication with them. Rely more on progress blueprints rather than the frequency of messages.

Empower Your Team

Team building lies at the core of every successful business. A good team can automate work and cut unnecessary steps to minimize the overall progress time. One of the basic management issues is their obsession with micromanaging every decision. This only adds to the already hefty decision-making process. A leader needs to empower his employees so they can make quick decisions about their department.

Invest in Human Capital

Workplace consumed one-third of the overall life span of an individual. Basic compromises that employees make during this long journey within the work environment only bring their productivity down. Leaders need to invest in technology that can assist their employees. A simple technology change, opting for comfortable lighting, a good chair, or a better phone can help employees reach their maximum work potential. If you are looking for an advanced business VoIP system for improved communication, check our VoIP plans.

Find an Easy Hybrid Model Transition

Find an Easy Hybrid Model Transition

Transition is always hard; the responsibility of a good leader is to focus on ways to make this transition less painful. Before shifting to the hybrid model, start by shifting to remote working first. This will offer you an insight into the team that should shift back on site and the department that can stay at home. This would also help you to prioritize the communication medium. A simple way is to ask yourself if you can convey the same message via email or a phone call rather than inviting a meeting.

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