Increasing Demand & Adoption of Cloud-based VoIP Security and Compliance in 2021

Cloud-based VoIP Security

Business VoIP started as an inexpensive substitute to private branch exchange (PBX) systems and conventional landlines. As a digital technology, the call quality of business VoIP has not stopped growing. Over time, the trends of VoIP will further provide businesses advantages that the pioneers of VoIP can only imagine. For instance, total integration, great high-quality calls, flexibility, security, and intelligence.

Business VoIP Market Growth

business voip market growth

The market growth of VoIP attributes to elements, like the efforts of the private organizations and government agencies to develop the groundwork of wireless communications. It further improved the implementation of cloud-based VoIP services. Furthermore, the international industry is also experiencing a rise due to market disruption with the rapidly increasing use of VoIP networks and the accumulative commercialization of 5G. Growing reliance on cloud-based unified communications rather than the traditional landlines is endorsing the approval of hosted VoIP services.

Up surging Demand for Business VoIP

The services of business VoIP have acquired market traction during the present Covid-19 pandemic because most industries have switched to the protocols of remote working. The telecom industry, especially VoIP, has bested the global economy with increased demand for cloud-based VoIP services internationally. For instance, the education industry has adopted the VoIP system to conduct seamless online classes with no hassle. Furthermore, the healthcare sector, doctors, and workers utilized VoIP service in 2020 for virtual meetings and training across countries.

Increasing Demand for Reducing Infrastructure Costs

Companies with poor communication infrastructure have faced issues like low audio quality and prolonged interruptions. Such problems can negatively affect their productivity. Hence, they transfer from conventional phone systems to cloud-based phone systems. Such cloud-based VoIP systems are customized to handle calls and voicemails to allow smooth communication.

By 2027, the hosted IP PBX sector in the business VoIP market will grow by 20 percent. Such growth is expected only due to the usage of high-quality communication services. It tackles the need for decreasing the expenditure on telecom equipment. More and more businesses are progressively leaning toward the hosted PBX’s purchase to enhance the capital expenditure. The hosted services need the minimum hardware investment, which creates new opportunities for the growth of industries.

VoIP Security and Compliance

Most corporate companies are increasingly opting for cloud-based and hosted VoIP phone systems. In recent times, the big conglomerates entering the business VoIP market has led to the growth of compliance and demand for better security. The major industries include financial services, banking, health, retail, and other sectors that require VoIP companies to create VoIP products that meet the industry compliance regulations, organizational standards, and security requirements. Likewise, the VoIP providers, like Xinix, are expected to respond by creating and distributing high-quality VoIP systems. Such systems ensure the topmost level of security for their information and communications. As a result, implementing better VoIP compliance and security should be amongst the best practices.

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