Get Cloud Based Call Centre Software Solutions from the Top Provider in UK

Get Call Centre Software Solutions from the Top Provider in the UK

A cloud-based call centre is software that has all the features that you would need to set up your online call Centre system. It is hosted and supported by a third-party vendor. Call centre cloud based software typically has multiple advanced features including IVR, ACD, predictive and auto dialing, to transferring and routing calls to help you develop an efficient system as per your business requirements.

Offering you incredibly powerful yet surprisingly easy-to-use call center solutions for smarter customer experience; helping you build lasting customer relationships. Our call centre solutions are designed to help businesses maintain a high standard of customer service while ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

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    call centre software solutionsA cloud-based call centre is software that has all the features that you would need to set up your online call Centre system. It is hosted and supported by a third-party vendor. Call centre cloud based software typically has multiple advanced features including IVR, ACD, predictive and auto dialing, to transferring and routing calls to help you develop an efficient system as per your business requirements.

    Why Is Voice Communication Important?

    Whether you are a home-based business owner, startup company. The large enterprise, developing a trustworthy relationship with your customers is the key to every business’ success.

    Meanwhile where technology has advanced greatly, allowing business owners multiple ways to approach their clients and deal with their issues and concerns effectively. Voice communication still stands most impactful after interpersonal communication.

    There is just something powerful about talking to a human agent about your issues – it makes your customers feel heard, reassures them that you care about their problems and are willing to dedicate time and effort to sort them out.

    Why Cloud-Based Solution?

    In this digitalized world, everything has become cloud-based and there is not just one but multiple benefits to it!

    • No External Setup and Easy Implementation

    Cloud-based software doesn’t require any hardware device or external setup, in contrast to on-site call Centre setup, which can take several months to set up as you need to buy licenses and hardware, select the best software, and pay additional fees for equipment, licensing, and server housing.

    With Xinix, all you need is a laptop with sufficient bandwidth, install an app, and purchase a Call Centre Package of your need, then rest while we manage the rest for you – from implementation to configuration of your new system. All without needing any external setup, technicians, or clumsy cords to manage. 

    • Cost Efficient

    Our Call Centre Software is not only easy to implement but also cost-efficient. You select the package of your choice, with the features as per your business requirements, and pay only for what you use, without any hidden charges. Moreover, having it all cloud-based also saves you multiple management costs that might usually be required with an on-premise setup. 

    • Less Hustle, More Business

    Our Cloud-based solution is very simple and easy to manage. With all of its features conveniently installed, they help you efficiently deal with your customers in less time and budget. It also has features like interactive voice response, contact management, call recording, predictive and auto dialing, skill-based routing, time-based routing, and round-based routing to help you manage your calls more effectively.

    • Advanced Features

    We allow you to get features only that you initially need according to the size and requirements of your business. However, you can upgrade them with time, and get advanced features in no time without any effort which would be a hustle to install in case of on-premise setup. 

    • High Reliability

    Our XINIX cloud-based solutions have greater reliability while enabling you to save money with on-site solutions.

    • Scalability

    Cloud call Centre solutions allow staff to operate seamlessly throughout the business and communicate with clients regardless of their physical location. Comparatively speaking, cloud-based solutions are more flexible than on-premises ones.

    Get from the Top Provider in the UK – Why XINIX?

    Xinix World help you take your brand’s communications. To a more elevated level with the advanced hosted phone dialer system for call Centre’s.

    Being among the top cloud-based solution providers in the UK. Has won multiple awards in its journey of 15 years making it a priority of over 2000 brands! – Winner of the 2021 Internet Telephony

    Product of the Year Award, 2021 Remote Work Pioneer Award, and multiple others from past years.

    Our Cloud-Based Solution Features

    We offer the following features to our customers:

    •   Up to 50 agents per package
    •  IVR – Interactive Voice Response
    • Voicemail Boxes
    • Limitless Campaigns
    •   Agent Scheduled Callbacks
    • Click to listen
    • Quality Control Module 
    •  Integrated Call Recording 
    • On-site and off-site
    •   Encryption of Data
    • Dedicated Dialer Server
    • Call List Importing 
    • Mobile Filtering
    • Recording Transfer
    • Call Routing (Skill, Time, and Round Based)
    • Remote Login
    • Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Phone Ticket Support

    Xinix Call Centre Software Packages

    We specialize in providing cloud-based solutions. We offer four types of packages. All of our packages have all features included, however, the difference lies in the number of users allowed, and the capacity of the features. These are designed with the vision to make cloud-based solutions more accessible and affordable for all sizes of businesses in today’s digitalized world. For more information about our packages, visit the Call Centre Dialer Software Packages page on our website. 

    Meanwhile, with our diversity of above-mentioned features at highly cost-efficient prices, we make your business easy for you. So whether you need it for inbound or outbound service, get your call centre software today from the best cloud-based solutions provider in the UK!

    Smarter Customer Experiences Made Simple

    Xinix brings you a cloud-based call centre software with all the incredible features you might need to set up your online call centre system. With its multiple advanced features including IVR, ACD, predictive and auto dialing, call routing, and transfers, you can create a smarter customer experience.  

    Practically every aspect of our call centre solutions is customizable. You can control and dictate the workflows, routing rules, and integrations. With the online dashboard, you can access the data, reports, analytics, customer flows, KPIs, and custom metrics. Thus, a smarter choice for creating a smarter customer experience.   

    More Options – Faster Resolutions

    An array of multiple advanced features, IVR menu, AI Chatbots, and Omni channel support, ensure optimal customer experience at low cost. Our call centre solutions can handle large volumes of inbound and outbound calls.

    For businesses that expect a high call volume, automation and AI-assisted technology can significantly reduce the frequency and impact of human error. It will also lessen the burden on call center agents.

    Get an In-Depth Analysis of Customer Statistics 

    Our robust call centre solutions are designed to offer detailed insights into customer data and overall call centre efficiency. Real-time analytics allow you to make data-driven decisions for your business and implement strategies to enhance overall service quality. With real-time monitoring and workforce management tools, optimize the staffing level. And make sure no call is missed even during peak working hours.

    Streamline Workflow With Premium Call Centre Solutions

    Our cloud-based call centre software is designed with a shared inbox that facilitates agents to tag the calls to keep everyone informed. Computer telephony integration (CTI) workflows provide a unified interface that readily integrates with existing business applications. Never miss a query with a call forwarding option that lets the agents divert calls to others if someone is away from their desks.

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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    What does IVR represent in a call centre environment?

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre recorded messages without having to speak to an agent, as well as to utilize menu options via touch tone keypad selection or speech recognition to have their …

    What is a CRM in a call Centre?

    Call Centre customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a software tool that call centre agents use to improve efficiency and the customer experience. It is the feature that allows you to store records about customers, such as account information and contact history. So you can deal with them in a personalized manner in future.

    Which is the best call centre software for small businesses?

    Xinix offers you best packages that have almost all advanced features like CRM, IVR, auto and predictive dialers to help you achieve your business goals most effectively.

    What is outbound call centre software?

    An outbound call centre software allows businesses to reach out to their potential customers and pitch sales or interact with them about their services – it is where your agents make calls by following a contact list. Whereas, inbound call centre software is where your agents receive calls from customers and help them sort out their issues. With Xinix cloud software solutions, you can do both from the same software within the same package!

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