Business SIP Trunking

Business SIP Trunking

Capitalizing on Infrastructure Investments

Business associates who have any of the four Active SoftSwitch Plans have the ability to offer a service of SIP Trunking to their business clients. Most of their clients will already have stepped up to a hybrid or a pure IP PBX for their telecommunications infrastructure. They will be searching for fresh means of getting the most out of their current investment while reducing costs. If extra savings can be made through high productivity, this makes it even more lucrative.

With a high-speed internet connectivity to handle the calls of your customers, you can achieve a substantial reduction in the costs of data connectivity and voice calls through our VoIP wholesaler services. Sometimes, you may save up to 30% once you critically consider reducing the current rental charges.

Who is it for?

  1. All business consumers with partial or pure IP PBX solutions
  2. Business owners searching for a way to save on costs

How It Works

IP Telephony enables business enterprises to substantially minimize costs of operations and streamline administration through internal assimilation of data and voice networks Businesses have an option of choosing between the installation of the IP PBX inside their own IT center or getting connected to a hired-out IP PBX that is hosted by a third party.

As an experienced VoIP wholesaler, we will seamlessly transform your speech into digital packets and transfer them to their destination via a data network. The routing of the packets is done in the most effective way possible across a data network, then they get reconstructed back to your vocal speech at the intended destination. At first, VoIP was quite successful in bigger-sized enterprises but currently, it has been proven to be as lucrative for all sizes of organizations.

Unlike traditional voice systems, our VoIP reseller options offer a vast range of benefits such as minimized call charges, reduced total cost of ownership, enhanced reliability, and upgraded security. VoIP is so effective that the majority of the huge telecom operators are currently using it to transmit their own long-distance traffic. A recent report from Inter-state showed that there was an increase in the installations of VoIP in the five largest European countries from just 32% in 2009 to a whopping 79% in 2012!

Key Benefits

  • Giving institutions a chance to contract out their PSTN connectivity to a third party with multiple presences in a variety of locations. This, therefore, diminishes long-distance charges and then enables institutions to establish numbers locally.
  • Decreasing costs of telephony
  • Eradicating the need for costly investments in TDM gateway infrastructure
  • Attaining the advantages of a hosted VoIP reseller service without getting rid of the current investment.
  • Only a single connection is needed for both voice and data services.
  • Capitalizing on the flexibility of new lines of provisioning
  • Doing away with the necessity for BRI (Basic Rate Interface)/PRI (Primary Rate Interface) connections
  • Elimination of premium rate payments for the flexibility of fractional circuits
  • Eradication of the need to acquire an entire circuit

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