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Switching to VoIP Can Help You to boost your business

VoIP cost Post pandemic world of business is much different from than pre-pandemic business world. Remote working, lockdown, cost-cutting strategies, home deliveries, easy communication, and struggling businesses are becoming new buzzwords. As the world is busy defining the new normal, some companies are thinking of making remote working permanent for their business. Others are struggling with business economically due to ineffective remote working strategies. According to a recent study, 89% of the employee believe that effective business communication is the key to a successful business. However, 8 out of 10 people feel that the business communication at their workplace is poor or very ineffective. So far, only 17% of people are satisfied with the business communication offered by their company, this means that so many people feel that communication at their company needs improvement.

With business communication becoming a top priority of business, the use of VoIP has increased during the pandemic and it is expected to grow even further. According to a recent estimate, by the end of this year, VoIP users will increase up to 3 billion. To catch up on the new technology and trends, 61% of the companies have already switched to VoIP. The companies using VoIP have reported that they are saving 50% of the communication expenses as compared to the traditional method of communication. Startups and small businesses have reported that they are saving 90% of their communication cost via VoIP systems. With all these promising stats, it is quite evident that businesses are benefiting from this technology shift. It is for the first time that companies are getting cost-cutting benefits with almost no investment. VoIP can be installed easily and has no maintenance cost which brings down the overall operational cost as well.

Easy Scalability Option

Most business owners only focus on the here and now, which limits their business potential as well. A true businessman can detect potential and then make the most out of that potential without running the ongoing business. As the business grows, most businessmen think about adjusting accordingly but a true businessman has a broad vision that allows him to choose options that will help with scalability as well. As the business grows, you need more cables and more phones to keep everyone connected. However, with VoIP, you can cut the scalability cost because you do not need any extra settings. Everything will be adjusted according to the existing broadband network and hardware.

No Hardware

As you bring new people on board, you want them to stay connected, and that is when you need more phones and cables. Overall, it is a messy, hectic, and complex process because you will have to ensure that cables are fully connected yet they must look neat. With VoIP, you are looking at a system that doesn’t require wire. If you chose hosted VoIP, you are technically reducing the hardware to a minimum because VoIP allows you to stay in contact with the use of a cellphone. Just downloading the app will help you stay connected and have full data access to everything that will require you to handle the customer.

One-Step Integration with Full Access

Most companies look at task management software differently. Depending on the need of the company and department, they end up purchasing a lot of different software. With the help of CRM and VoIP integration, you can easily cut the cost of extra software use to half. This will eventually improve productivity and decrease the call handling time.

Easy Fixing and Customization

Once you have the VoIP, you will see things changing. In case of any technical emergency or malfunction, most customers must wait for the company to come to fix things. This can take from a few hours to a few days. This lagging can cause millions to the business however, with hosted VoIP you do not have to wait for anything. VoIP has almost no cables which means diagnosis of the issue doesn’t take too much time and there is no programing or use of code. This makes things less complicated, and you can fix everything on your own. With the use of an online web interface, most IT service companies fix the situation right away.

One Number for All

With a traditional phone, you need to buy phone lines so that your customer doesn’t have to wait. This is common for big businesses. From two to 10 and more lines you must keep adding and spending on the lines. However, there is no way to predict how many callers will call you every day at the same time. Customer support executives explain that every day they have a rush hour where they get multiple calls and then there is a dead hour where they receive none. In short, adding lines just to reduce the chance of sending busy signals means you need to spend too much money. On the contrary, VoIP allows you to avoid this altogether. You do not have to invest in buying lines, VoIP phones can handle multiple calls at the same time simultaneously. This helps you to cut the cost of multiple numbers and your customer doesn’t have to look for an extension number.

Bottom Line

Sticking to a traditional telephone system is not only expensive, but it also impedes productivity as well. Traditional telephone system limits functionality and requires constant supervision, whereas VoIP offers complete assistance by letting you control everything but reducing the effort. Pop-up messages, one-click calling option, easy contact expert, detecting the busy line, offering mobility, and other options are now helping small businesses get to the level playing field. Now with effective business communication, small businesses are reaching their full potential without feeling caged by their budget limit. The pre-pandemic business world might be all about flourishing economy and investing more, however, tables have turned, and post-pandemic is making technology the only equalizer for business. It is now up to businesses to stick to old conventional methods or to take full advantage of the newer and modern means.

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