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Agent Ranking With Skills Based Routing In VICIdial

When it comes to Agent Ranking and Skill-Based Routing, calls and emails can be forwarded to agents who have the ability to handle them effectively with the highest level of efficiency based on their skills.

For instance, assume we have 3 agents working in the call center at ACME Corporation vending widgets. Tom, Dick and Harry.

  • Tom was brought up speaking Spanish at home, and communicates fluently with both English and Spanish
  • Dick is from Montréal, Canada and can fluently speak both English and French
  • Harry only speaks English

ACME Corporation operates in Canada and the United States and has three calling lines for their Sales and Support: English, French and Spanish. The majority of calls that come in via the English line, the second highest number of calls come in via the Spanish line while the least amount of calls come in via the French line.
For the most efficient and effective call handling reception, here is how we would set up the ranks and skills of the three agents in VICIdial:

  • Tom – English ranking: 4 Spanish ranking: 9 French ranking: (not enabled)
  • Dick – English Ranking: 5 Spanish ranking: (not enabled) French ranking: 9
  • Harry – English Ranking: 9 Spanish ranking: (not enabled) French ranking: (not enabled)

All the three agents are able to handle incoming English calls, but since Harry speaks English only, he will receive the highest English rank and therefore will be given priority as the first agent to receive a call that comes into this line. Dick will be the second agent to be given an English line since his second language, French has the least popular line. Tom on the other hand will be the last call agent to receive a call from the English line.

This is just a basic explanation of the way the routing based on agent skills and ranking works. However, we have still provided help to some of our clientele to set up intricate call routing plans that have hundreds of lines and agents with lots of different skills. If you need further information on how the agent ranking and Skills-based routing works, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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