Work With a Hosted IP Telephony Provider to Eliminate System Upgrade Costs

Work With A VoIP Supplier To Eliminate System Upgrade Costs

Not long ago, any hosted IP telephony service provider struggled to convince businesses to transition from PSTN to VoIP. VoIP technology itself experienced several challenges like voice quality at its inception. All the challenges were addressed and as a result. VoIP swept through the telecommunication industry. Currently, all observers are in agreement that it is just a matter of time before the complete shift from PSTN to VoIP happens.

In the early days of VoIP technology, there was a notion that established and big companies were in a better position to roll out their own SIP Trunks. Small businesses, on the other hand, preferred using hosted IP telephony services. However, that has changed as suppliers have been able to improve their services and grow their capacity. Now, hosted IP telephony service providers can offer their services to much larger organizations without prohibitive system upgrade costs.

What Makes the Services of a VoIP Supplier Appealing?

The benefits of using hosted IP telephony services are many. For instance, by using a VoIP supplier, you won’t need to put in place any infrastructure. Similarly, no additional hardware is needed. You will just need a strong internet connection to ensure exceptional call quality and crisp voice clarity. Phone features can then be accessed online. Therefore, with hosted IP telephony services, your organization can make the complete transition to VoIP in a matter of hours.

Cost of VoIP System Upgrades for Your SIP Trunks

For hosted IP telephony services, your service provider automatically updates your systems. When you deploy your own SIP trunks, you will have to ensure that your system is regularly upgraded. During the rolling out of your SIP trunks, you will have to pay for the initial costly software licenses. You will also have to subsequently pay for software upgrades. It might be cheaper paying for system upgrades considering that your service provider will charge you less compared to when buying the software. But in the long run, it will be costly to maintain your own SIP trunk. If you deploy your own SIP trunk, you will also have to keep tabs with any software upgrades to ensure that your systems are up to date. Failure to check out regularly for software updates might mean that your SIP trunk system uses an older version of the software which might be less efficient and vulnerable to security breaches.

Free System Upgrades from VoIP

Most hosted IP telephony service providers charge their customers on a monthly basis. This monthly fee includes all the services they offer their clients. That means that the cost of calls and maintenance are part of the monthly costs.
With hosted IP telephony, software upgrades will no longer be part of your list of worries. The hosted VoIP service providers will do it for free. If you are not keen enough, you will not even realize that a software upgrade has taken place until you notice new features in your system. The beauty of using hosted IP telephony services is also that the service providers have experts who are always monitoring the system to identify any weaknesses and rectify them. They do this by rolling out regular software updates that fix these defects.

This helps in maintaining the security and integrity of the system. To get all that and more, check out our VoIP supplier services.

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