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Virtual Teamwork Communication

The working culture in business premises has greatly changed over the years thanks to the adaptation of hosted IP telephony systems in the workplace. Some years back, many organizations had a similar style of working. It did not matter the type of industry or work that an organization was engaged in. Team members had to meet at their organization’s premises in order to get most work done.

Meetings had to be done physically in meeting rooms at the business premises. As we speak VoIP service provider firms are changing all this. Other advancements in the telecommunication industry are also revolutionizing how business is done. Teams working on different aspects of the business no longer have to be at the same location in order to stay in touch. Teams can now meet and discuss issues related to the operations of the organization thanks to hosted IP telephony services.

Advantages of Using An Expert Hosted IP Telephony Provider

So, today’s question is; How do virtual teams working in different locations keep in touch without meeting physically and still ensure that the company’s business is effectively transacted? Thanks to the work of a VoIP service provider, there are several ways this happens. Let’s explore them:

1. Allow Calling at No Extra Cost.

Initially, organizations had to shoulder the huge burden of calls made using PSTN. Irrespective of the distance organizations had to pay for every call made by its staff. Currently, organizations no longer need to worry about the huge monthly bills they used to get before. Whether they are using hosted IP telephony services or have established their own SIP trunk, making calls is free. And that is irrespective of the distance. So, it doesn’t matter which corner of the world the virtual teams are operating from. There are no costs involved. All that is required is a strong internet connection.

2. Teleconferencing Features.

Video and audio conferencing were there even with the old telephone system. However their functionality was not as simple as it is with hosted IP telephony and SIP trunks. For the old telephone system, a software had to be installed for the teleconferencing features to work. While using the infrastructure of a hosted IP telephony provider, you don’t need to install any software to be able to use teleconference.

3. Including the Presence Feature in Your VoIP System.

Having a feature that indicates to other team members when their colleague is busy or not, is very useful. This will help in improving communication as team members will be aware when to schedule meetings in which all the colleagues involved will be able to join in.

4. Allow Staff Members to Call From Any Place.

VoIP allows the integration of personal devices like mobile phones into the network. You should give your staff members to join in meetings using any device capable of being integrated into the network. In case the device the staff member is using lacks the capability of video calling, the staff member should be allowed to join using voice call. This will help in saving time as meetings that would have been put off or rescheduled would still go on as planned. The good thing with video and voice calls is that you can also record the conversations for future reference.

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