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White Label VoIP Reseller Program

Start promoting your cloud hosted business today - we can even manage your customers for you!

    Live Preview of Our Cloud PBX System

    Test drive our servers now, set up clients and extensions, make test calls and add features.

    UK Customer Services

    Online Billing Platform

    Class 4 & 5 Switches

    Wholesale Termination

    Server Mirroring

    Xinix Reseller Platform

    • Our Architecture
    • Multi Tenant
    • Softphone
    • Price Book
    • Packages
    • Payment Methods
    • Currencies
    • Tariffs
    • Service Plans
    • DIDs Manager
    • Call Report
    • Music-on-Hold
    • Routes
    Our Architecture
    Our Architecture

    Our core infrastructure consists of VoIP routers, MPLS Routers, Session Border Controllers, Switches, Inter-Connects etc. A typical solution architecture is shown in the diagram below.

    Multi Tenant
    Multi Tenant PBX System

    A true cloud based multi tenant server, build unlimited tenants each having unique call packages with powerful features including call recording, conferencing, IVR, Ring Groups and much more.


    Xinix IP Communicator is a Windows PC/iOS-based
    softphone application that lets you use your personal computer/mobile/tablet to make premium voice and video calls. Offering the latest in IP communications technology, it is easy to acquire, deploy, and use.

    Price Book
    VoIP Billing Software

    Price your product and services, create PAYG plans, price all your hardwares, fully compliant with taxes. Automate your billing processes.

    Building VoIP Packages

    Build your packages with inclusive minutes, tariffs, handset rentals, taxes, pro-rata, monthly or one off billing.

    Payment Methods
    Payment Methods

    Our billing system is already integrated with PayPal, Moneybookers, Linkpoint, Authorize.net, Direct Debit and Payflow Pro.


    Invoice your customers in their own currencies, build local tax rates.


    Rate your calls, have different VoIP call rates for different plans.

    Service Plans
    Service Plans

    Build multiple service plans with inclusive minutes. Have PAYG deals with connection and minimum charges.

    DIDs Manager
    DID Management

    Manage your Direct Inward Dialing (DID), have a block or single telephone number. Assign them to your customers or individual user extensions

    Call Report
    Call Report

    View live call stats across users and sites. Analyse costs and duration. See your most popular destinations and which operators are receiving most of the calls, how many calls each of your phone lines are receiving and when your peak periods and days are.


    Manage your music on hold portfolio, have multiple recordings and bespoke music for each tenant.


    World wide calling routes, manage destinations and country prefixes.

    Ready to Get Started?

    How to Become a Xinix World Reseller

    And make easy money fast!

    Choose your package

    Choose from the wide range of services on offer, based on what you think your customers will want.

    We set things up for you

    We handle all the technical aspects, leaving you to get on with making money.

    Training & support

    We'll provide ongoing training and support to help you handle all your customer queries.

    Start selling

    Promote our services to your customers as though they are your own.

    Wide Product List for Reselling

    VoIP Packages


    SIP Trunk


    Leased Lines

    SMS Marketing

    Toll Free Numbers

    Hosted IT

    Earn Money with our White Label Reseller Programme

    Are you starting or expanding in to selling hosted VoIP services ?
    Are you looking to become a UK VoIP Provider ?

    We are here to help you. We draw from years of real-life experience across the industry and around the world.
    Our white paper “How to start an ITSP” outlines the process to start and run an ITSP. Simply follow the steps we’ve prepared and you will be making sales in no time!

    All for customers

    VoIP Billing system

    Xinix ActiveBilling System provides VoIP Billing for all types of business needs including residential, business and wholesalers. Our billing features include, account management, calling cards, tariff plans, rates management, invoicing and payment gateways.

    Class 5 Switch

    Class 5 softswitches are used within small geographic areas or businesses and organisations. They can route calls within cities, organisations, states and countries. Class 5 softswitches connect phones and devices, operating on the end-user level.

    Soft phones for Desktop and Mobile

    The Xinix softphone for Windows/Mac is a free softphone that you can use to make and receive VoIP phone calls from your PC, tablets and mobiles. The advantage of using the our softphone is that you can leverage low cost or free VoIP calls

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    Partner Support

    The team at Xinix World fully understand you might require support and advice in order to make the most of the reseller opportunity. After all, when you succeed, we succeed. Which is why we've developed a range of tools and resources to help you make money as a Xinix reseller.

    Industry-leading online portal for resellers

    Generous rates of commission

    Competitive pricing to help you sell more

    Regular incentives and events for resellers

    Dedicated reseller support specialists

    Advice to help you generate new customers

    Ongoing training for technical issues and sales

    Compare Packages For VoIP Resellers

      Starter Premium Super
    Branding Refer prospective customers to Xinix World
    You make the introduction, we'll take care of the rest. Earn monthy recurring revenue.
    Log into your account every month to see your growing revenue stream.
    White label solution, your customer only sees your brand.
    Who manages the customer? Our dedicated team manages the whole relationship. Any customer you signup to your account is your customer. You are a true white label reseller and Xinix will not contact your customers.
    Who does Technical support for my customers? Our deicated experts will provide support to any prospects you recommend to us. Intelligent Hands - We will provide support to your customers under your brand name. You provide direct support to your customers. We support you.
    Order Provisioning We will do this Intelligent Hands - We will provision your orders and despatch under your name. You provision your own orders.
    Who Does the billing Xinix Intelligent Hands - We will get your billing done Reseller to do own billing
    Is Marketing material provided Yes
    Who does the customer pay Xinix World Directly to your account
    Can I set my own calling package? No, customer will chose from set packages from Xinix website Yes, inside billing portal you can set your own calling packages. Your calling plans allow you to set such things as the cost of your calls, the inclusive minutes and billing increments
    Can I have multiple calling packages? Customers to Choose From Xinix Website Yes, You can have as many different calling packages as you need. You can set different packages for customers or you can set one package that you use for all customers, or mix and match.
    Can I make competative packages against other VOIP Providers? Xinix Gurantees to beat any price, our objective has always been to provide the best packages at the best value in the industry. Yes, By accessing the massive buying power of the Xinix network no matter what size your business is you will be able to compete call for call with the largest providers in the industry.
    How many customers can I have connected? Xinix uses a growing cluster of servers to allow you to service an almost unlimited number of customers. As your customer base grows Xinix will be able to accomodate your required calling levels.

    Join Our White Label VoIP Reseller Program

    What kind of VoIP business do you run or want to run?

    Once you are ready, we have packages for everyone from Incumbent Service Providers to CLECs, from ISPs to VARs and phone system dealers, for VoIP Entrepreneurs and everyone else that is “like a telephone provider”. Simply choose your package and watch the pieces fall into place today! Our Case Studies provide a glimpse at what PBXware, SERVERware, and TELCOware can do for your company or Organisation. They are the success stories of companies that chose Xinix World and quickly experienced growth and improvement.

    Telco-in-a-Box for VoIP Resellers

    With its high scalability VX-active Class 4 and 5 SoftSwitch delivers for VoIP Reseller functionalities of call control and media processing. In call control, it supports; voice and video calls, full IP PBX feature set, advanced call control, BLF/presence, SMS and instant messaging, fax-over-IP, dynamic call routing and live call authorisation and charging. The media processing functionalities include; voice and video conferencing, IVR applications, call recording, call queues, auto-attendant, voicemail and unified messaging.

    • Complete suite: White-label messaging applications featuring billing and reporting systems are able to be established in minutes

    • Active Monitoring: Essential tool for any serious ITSP. It is a network packet sniffer for SIP and RTP VoIP protocol developed to work with our VX-active switch.

    • Active Protection: Active Protection is a module that provides protection from SIP attacks.

    • Competitive pricing: Our pricing is affordable and responsive to changing business environments

    • Education: Through comprehensive training and technical support, you will be provided with everything necessary for a successful launch

    • Open API: Allows third parties to create software to interact with VX-active switch.

    Can You Afford to Miss Out!

    The Unified Communications market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $28B by 2021! Don't miss out, here is how we can help you get started:

    • High win rates with impressive demos
    • Recurring fees for every line
    • Set your own prices and tariffs
    • Discounts and promotions
    • Charge periods (per second, per minute, 6/6, 6/30, 30/30, 30/60)
    • Support for master/slave subscribers
    • Our dedicated channel managers are focused on your ongoing success with top of the line support – from quote to implementation and beyond.