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If you’re looking for a reliable home VoIP virtual landline provider, we can offer you one of the UK’s most trusted services. No need to compromise on quality, either. The capabilities of our virtual phone line PBX system have been developed over a decade, with our roadmap for the future incorporating even more improvements.

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    Our home virtual landline packages

    Save 3 months on annual

    Virtual Line Only
    Same rate day or night.

    £9 99inc vat
    £6 99inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £83.88 paid annually

    What you get:

    • Free adapter (online order only)
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • See our call rates
    • UK mobile 12p & landline 5p
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £10
    • Delivery charge £8
    Order online and get free adapter

    500 Minutes included
    Landline and mobile

    £1299 inc vat
    £999 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £119.88 paid annually

    What you get:

    • Free adapter (online order only)
    • Free set-up
    • Free number transfer
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • Call abroad from just 5p/minute
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Delivery charge £8
    Order online and get free adapter
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    Unlimited Minutes
    Landline and mobile

    £14 99inc vat
    £11 99inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £143.88 paid annually

    What you get:

    • Free adapter (online order only)
    • Free set-up
    • Free number transfer
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • Call abroad from just 5p/minute
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Delivery charge £8
    Order online and get free adapter

    VoIP Home Phone

    VoIP home phone are an affordable and convenient way to stay in touch with friends, family and business associates. If you’re considering a VoIP home phone service, here are five reasons why you should make the switch today:

    Seamless Communication

    Home VoIP phones make your day-to-day communication as seamless as possible and save you money in the process. With a VoIP phone, you can make calls from anywhere using your computer or mobile device. You can also call any number in the world without incurring international charges.

    Easy Installation

    There are many advantages to using a home VoIP phone system, but the best part is that it’s easy to get started. All you need is a broadband connection and an internet-enabled device, and you can make calls from anywhere in the world for pennies per minute.

    No Additional Infrastructure

    A big benefit of these systems is that they don’t require any additional equipment beyond what’s already in place at your home or office: no extra wiring, no expensive installation fees and no contracts.

    No Limitations

    Another great benefit of using VoIP home phone service is that there are no limits on how long or how often someone can use their phone without worrying about getting hit with any sort of extra charges.

    Lower Costs

    Instead of paying a flat rate each month for unlimited local and long distance calling, you pay only for what you use with a VoIP home phone service plan. 


    If you travel frequently or work from home, you can use your smartphone app or computer on any device with an internet connection to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world 

    Unlimited calling plans

    Unlimited calling plans allow you to call anyone without incurring additional fees. You don’t have to worry about running out of minutes each month or paying extra for long-distance calls.


    With VoIP home phone service, you aren’t limited to one specific location or device. You can use your VoIP service on multiple devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets.


    VoIP phones are available in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit for any user. You can even find some that are designed to look like traditional landline phones. The setup is easy and that’s what makes it the most convenient source of communication.

    Advanced Features

    VoIP phones offer more features than traditional landlines at a fraction of the cost.  Their service is a great alternative to your traditional landline. It allows you to make unlimited calls, and it’s also more convenient and versatile than a traditional phone line. If you choose the best VoIP phones for home use, you can enjoy the following features.

    Voicemail to Email

    This is one of the most important features of voip home phone service as it allows you to check your voicemail. The voicemail will be sent via email directly from the carrier’s system to your inbox, which means that you no longer need to worry about missing any important messages 

    Call Forwarding

    If you have call forwarding set up for your landline then it will automatically forward all incoming calls to your mobile number. This feature can be activated on websites or through customer care representatives.

    Caller ID

    When someone calls you, their name will appear on your device’s screen before they even say hello. This saves time and helps prevent missed calls by letting you know who’s calling before answering. 

    Phone Number Selection

    Through voip phone home UK, You can choose the number that rings when someone calls you. This is especially useful if you have multiple phones in different locations around your house or office. 

    How VoIP Phone Work

    When you sign up for a VoIP home phone service, you’ll receive an IP-enabled device that connects to your Internet router via ethernet cable or wireless connection. Once it’s connected, the device acts like any other telephone set — it dials out over the Internet and receives incoming calls.

    Say Goodbye to Landline, Contact Residential VoIP Providers UK

    How to Setup a VoIP Phone?

    VoIP technology has been around for years, and it’s not just for businesses anymore. You can get it at home too!

    Setup your voip phone home UK  in three simple steps.

    Select your hardware

    You can pick any model of VoIP phone that you want to use. Some companies only provide one model and others offer a variety of choices.

    Choose your provider

     Find the best Residential VoIP provider uk that suits your needs. You can look for reviews and read feedback from other customers to find the best provider for you.

    Connect the equipment:

    Once you have selected your hardware and chosen a provider, connect all the equipment together and start using it.

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