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If you’re looking for a reliable home VoIP virtual landline provider, we can offer you one of the UK’s most trusted services. No need to compromise on quality, either. The capabilities of our virtual phone line PBX system have been developed over a decade, with our roadmap for the future incorporating even more improvements.

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    Our home virtual landline packages

    Save 3 months on annual

    Virtual Line Only
    Same rate day or night.

    £8inc vat
    £6 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £72 paid annually

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    What you get:

    • Free analogue to digital adapter
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • See our call rates
    • UK mobile 12p & landline 5p
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £20
    • Delivery charge £8

    500 Minutes included
    Landline and mobile

    £11 inc vat
    £9 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £108 paid annually

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    What you get:

    • Free analogue to digital adapter
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • Call abroad from just 5p/minute
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £20
    • Delivery charge £8
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    Unlimited Minutes
    Landline and mobile

    £12 inc vat
    £10 inc vat
    per month / 24 months term / £120 paid annually

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    What you get:

    • Free analogue to digital adapter
    • Free set-up
    • Mobile & PC apps
    • Connect up-to 5 devices
    • Call abroad from just 5p/minute
    • Caller ID, voicemail +more
    • Number porting £20
    • Delivery charge £8

    While considering voice-over-internet protocol, you may think that the service is for IT professionals or businesses. But have you ever thought of using VoIP home phone uk services to make calls? Residential VoIP services are ideal for home users looking to switch from a traditional landline. You may contact Residential VoIP providers UK to get high-end services.


    Say Goodbye to Landline, Contact Residential VoIP Providers UK


    Residential VoIP Vs. Landline

    Landline calls cost you more, and you pay the bill even if you are not using it. This truly affects your wallet because you are paying for nothing. Moreover, technical issues often occur that interrupt signals. Making international calls with a landline service is quite expensive. So, what option do we have? We have a residential VoIP service that is far better than landlines due to many reasons.

    Why Residential VoIP Services?

    Residential VoIP providers UK offer services nationwide with advanced features. The aim is to create a hassle-free communication experience. You may get four basic features if you get services from providers.

    • Caller ID
    • Voicemail
    • Call waiting
    • 911 Support

    There can be advanced features too, depending on your requirements and choices.

    How to Set up Residential VoIP?

    The most beneficial factor in using residential VoIP services is its easy setup. You don’t need to waste your time managing systems or wires at home. No one has time to get into complicated procedures in this fast-paced world. So, to set up VoIP services at home, go to the website of the best residential VoIP provider in the UK.

    • Subscribe to the services
    • Check your mail 
    • Get bridging device

    Bridging devices will connect your wireless router and phone that will help you make calls on VoIP.

    Residential VoIP Phone

    If you get services from tech-oriented providers, they can also provide VoIP handsets. The phone works the same way as smartphones, but not all providers give this feature. Some providers have designed a system that can be linked with your previous phones. You can also get a VoIP phone for residential use as it is a one-of-a-kind experience to make calls on it.

    Discover VoIP Home Phone Benefits

    VoIP home phone services have revolutionized the way we communicate. With VoIP home phone in the UK, you can experience crystal-clear voice calls and seamless connectivity. Say goodbye to traditional landlines and embrace the future.

    VoIP Home Phone: A Game-Changer

    VoIP home phone UK options offer affordability, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious individuals. Plus, you can enjoy a multitude of features like call forwarding, voicemail, and even video calls. It’s all about staying connected, anytime and anywhere.

    Why Choose VoIP Home Phone in the UK

    VoIP home phone services are not just cost-effective; they’re also environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for physical phone lines, you’re contributing to a greener planet.

    So, there you have it! VoIP home phone UK solutions bring innovation, savings, and sustainability to your doorstep. Experience the future of communication today with VoIP home phone UK, your gateway to seamless connectivity and endless possibilities.

    Advanced Features

    The popularity of VoIP has been growing over the years, and it’s easy to see why. VoIP services offer several features that landline services can’t match. 

    Always Reject List

    Are you getting tired of receiving the wrong numbers? You don’t want to keep in contact with several people? Then, you can simply add their number to the reject list. This list will identify the caller ID and will not ring your bell when they call. 

    Call Forwarding

    This feature helps in forwarding calls to another number. For example, if you are busy working somewhere else and unable to attend an important call, it will directly be routed to your preferred number. Likewise, if you aren’t at home and can’t attend the ring, it will also be forwarded to your smartphone.

    Virtual Numbers

    This feature also comes along with the residential VoIP system. This secondary number may be attached to your phone and is separately managed. You can have your extension with different area codes anywhere in the world.

    Voicemail Routing

    Voicemailing features help you get the voice even if you did not attend the call. You can put your phone in no disturbance to route calls to voicemails through the direct procedure. Then, whenever you feel fresh, you can get access to those emails.

    Benefits of Residential VoIP

    Residential VoIP services are a great alternative to landline phone services. Residential VoIP service is typically less expensive than traditional landlines. Along with the advanced features, the VoIP offers the following benefits.

    Lower Phone Bills

    Residential VoIP service providers offer unlimited local and long-distance calling at a low monthly rate. You can also take advantage of international calling plans if you frequently call abroad.

    Better Call Quality

    With residential VoIP, you don’t have to worry about your phone line is out of service. You will never experience poor sound quality during calls. There are no wires involved in these services, so there’s no risk of interference or signal loss when using your home VoIP phones.

    Hassle-free Experience

    Most residential VoIP providers offer a variety of features such as voicemail-to-text transcription, caller ID blocking, and call forwarding so that you can customize your experience based on your needs and preferences. All these features collectively create an environment for communication free from all traditional limits.


    With a single cordless handset or wireless headset and base station, you can receive calls from anywhere, whether it is your home or office.


    Compare residential VoIP plans from several providers as there is so much versatility in the market. For example, some may offer unlimited calling nationwide, while others may be more focused on local calling plans, so it’s essential to do your research before committing to any provider.


    No installation costs

    Because you don’t need any new wiring in your home or office, no installation fees or technicians are required to install your VoIP system – plug in the router and start saving money!


    Unlimited calling plans

    Most residential VoIP providers offer unlimited calling plans for one flat rate per month, so there are no surprise charges when making calls from home. This eliminates hidden fees and can save you up to 70% on long-distance calls alone!

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    Best VOIP Service for Home International Calls

    The perfect time is here- to switch from landline to VoIP services for your home. It is time to say goodbye to extra charges for making international calls. With the help of VoIP, your communication will never be distorted. Do you know how?

    There is a softphone app that you can use on your phone by simply installing it. You can take calls from anywhere if your home phone rings, or you can make a call using your home phone number. Many providers in the market offer different packages. However, here is the list of top residential VoIP providers in the UK. Check this out!

    • Xinix
      • Hosted VoIP UK’s Top Business VoIP Provider
    • GoTo Connect:
      • Most free countries
      • Cheapest international calling
    • 8×8:
      • Best for toll-free international numbers
    • Vonage:
      • Best for scaling businesses
    • Ooma:
      • Honorable mention
    • Nextiva:
      • Honorable mention
    • 1-VoIP:
      • Honorable mention
    • Grasshopper:
      • Honorable mention

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