Vicidial Servers Configuration - XINIX

Vicidial Servers Configuration

We have specifically configured our Vicidial Servers for optimal performance. We have racked up our servers in Manchester Science Park at the Melbourne Server Hosting which is right above the major internet hub of the North West. We utilize a Storage Area Network that is linked via VPN to another based in Stockport. This ensures that our customers have a secured backup.

The operating systems of the server run on raided local Solid State Disc Drives. For lighting fast speed, fibre has been used to connect them to the SAN heads. All the Hosted Diallers of our establishment are built as clusters since they are more reliable and are a lot simpler to expand when the need arises.


Our Hosted Dialler utilizes HP Proliant DL360s which has lots of memory and raided SSDs for maximized speed. There are highly reliable and scalable and this enhances the efficiency of our services to our customers. We frequently upgrade our hardware and we have never experienced a Vicidial server failure.


We use HP fibre optics on our entire internal networks and this boosts data transfer speeds to super-fast levels. Our cabinets contain gigabit internet connectivity links. We prefer serving VoIP traffic over VPN to our customers from the Vicidial servers. It augments the security levels and prevents the t\raffic of our customers from being shaped by ISPs.


Every single Hosted Dialler makes use of local SSDs that run in RAID 10 for a maximized writing speed. We store the configurations and databases of our customers on a SAN that runs on RAID 60. The Storage Area Networks are synchronized with our Stockport site for secure backup and recovery purposes in case of disaster.


We have protected our Hosted Diallers with a dedicated firewall hardware and we use an authentication of IP. Every Vicidial server also has a firewall for an extra layer of security. If possible, our customers can connect to us via VPN for extra security. Apart from that we alter all default passwords and ports upon installation.

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