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Upcoming Hosted IP Telephony Trends in the Next Decade

It is extremely difficult to tell how technology will evolve. Most times, what we anticipate will happen, rarely happens. Media establishments are falling over themselves trying to be the first to correctly predict how hosted IP telephony services will look like in the next decade. Institutions and agencies mandated to ensure that standards are adhered to will always try to predict future trends to ensure that they stay on top of their work. VoIP users are normally curious about the times ahead as well. Having been in the VoIP business for some time now, we have a pretty good idea of how hosted IP telephony services may be in the next decade. Here’s a quick projection;

Rapid Expansion

During the early inception of hosted IP telephony services, many challenges were faced. From the slow internet to the poor voice qualities. However, these issues have been significantly addressed and the voice quality of VoIP is currently exceptional. The internet connection is currently strong and fast. Going into the next decade, the internet connectivity will be even stronger with super-fast speeds especially after 5G is realized in the next decade.
With such great strides being made, many more organizations will adopt VoIP. As a result, the use of VoIP services will therefore rapidly increase globally.

Increased Interests from Government Institutions

In some years past, hosted IP telephony services were only used by few organizations. Thankfully, many more institutions are embracing the service by the day. As such, there is no doubt that the PSTN will be completely replaced with VoIP. This means that there could be more enacted regulations to control the hosted IP telephony industry as it grows.

Homes Compared to Companies as VoIP users

At the moment, it is still easier for small-scale business users to shift to hosted IP telephony services as the main mode of communications. However, for a larger business, this is not the case as the number of staff and clients who have to be transitioned is big. This is because the shift might require time to prevent interference with communication with clients. In the next decade, we are still likely to witness more individuals transitioning to hosted IP telephony services compared to companies.

Combination of Hosted IP Telephony Services and other Company Software

Initially, hosted IP telephony was used as a stand-alone service. However, with years, hosted IP telephony services have advanced and become more sophisticated. For efficiency, they can now be merged with several company tools like CRM software. We expect many more third-party integrations for further boosts in business efficiency.

The next decade promises more innovations in the hosted IP telephony industry. As companies come up with new tools, the hosted IP telephony services will need to evolve in order to keep up with the pace of innovations. For purposes of efficiency, the industry must advance together with the integrated communication systems technology. For sure, we can’t wait to see and adopt the great technology that the industry will bring forth in the coming future. Join us in this interesting journey by looking at our hosted VoIP services.

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