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How Hosted VoIP Gives Your Business An Edge

If you are here, there is a high chance that you are using or you are considering using VoIP technology for your company. Hosted IP telephony service providers offer products and services that are beneficial to your business as you might have already found out. Above all other benefits, the low cost of using hosted IP telephony services has always been the major factor influencing the switch to VoIP services for most organizations.

But then, is it really the major factor that you should be paying attention to? If you are already using hosted VoIP services, are you really taking advantage of the most important benefits that come with VoIP technology? If not, pay close attention to the following 4 advantages of hosted IP telephony services that many users don’t pay keen attention to but you should already be capitalizing on.


Previously, shifting your business to a new location was extremely hard and costly. This was partly due to the high costs of moving your telecommunication infrastructure or setting up new ones. You also had to notify your service provider to facilitate the change of telecommunication services to your new location. Hosted IP telephony services have solved all this. You can move any time you want and still retain the same services and numbers. All you need is a strong internet connection and a reliable hosted IP telephony service provider.

Versatile Features

An experience hosted IP telephony service provider will offer clients several unique and versatile features as compared to the old traditional phone system. The icing on the cake is the fact that the phone features can actually be customized. New applications that improve the functionality of the VoIP systems can also be added by downloading them online. Why wait? Make use of most of these features to improve your business.

Reliability of Hosted IP Telephony Services

Unlike in the past where VoIP had voice quality and connectivity challenges, hosted IP telephony services are very reliable today. Years of improvement have led to the increased speeds and efficiency of both hardware and software partly because internet connectivity is now faster than we could all anticipate. We currently use 4G and 5G seems like it’s going to be rolled out in the near future.

Hosted IP telephony services can also be used with any device. The services are compatible with most devices including mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. This means with secure connection, you can communicate with whichever device at hand, and from wherever you are.

Improved Customer Support

Hosted IP telephony services enable you to give your clients better and improved performance. Calls from customers can be routed to members of staff who can effectively handle their queries. Some features like live chats can also allow clients who do not want to call in to get instant response to their concerns.

The bottom line is that if the advantages mentioned above are effectively utilized, there is no reason your business shouldn’t succeed. We at Xinix world would be happy to be your valuable partners in helping you achieve those goal. With our hosted VoIP services for small businesses, we can help you take your business to that level you have always envisioned.

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